About Kuhs:



Kathmandu University High School belongs to and is directed by Kathmandu University. It is a wholly non-profit making institution. KUHS was founded in 1998 in a rented building in Dhulikhel, with a first intake of 60 primary students. Each year it added one intake until class 10. In 2000, it moved to its own beautiful new campus in Chaukot, provided by Kathmandu University. In 2009 the school opened the A level programme from the University of Cambridge International Examinations. The school roll in 2010 will be 550.

KUHS has different teaching methodologies. It recognizes three main types of learning: receiving information from teachers or textbooks: learning from observation and experience: and learning to think for oneself. All three methods are important and support each other. Our teachers try to combine them to make lessons stimulating and interactive.