Education in the midst of a Pandemic

If I asked you what you feel you’ve missed during the past two years, what would you tell me? Maybe it’s the company of your friends, travelling, or going out for fun.

Now let me ask you this. Did education even cross your mind?

No, right? What if I tell you that there is an entire generation of youths our age who are two whole years behind us in terms of their education.

For us, education is fairly simple. You go to school, hostelers stay the week and day scholars go to and fro every day. But for the vast majority of children in Nepal, education is a luxury that they cannot afford to lose.

So then, what happens when they do? What happens when they lose the very thing that determines whether they succeed in life, or spend their years without unlocking their potential. 

Just in May of 2020, UNESCO estimated that almost 9 million students were affected due to school closures. Of this 9 million 3.5 million were secondary school students.

Well then, you might say “what about online education, like we did”. Yet, in 2021, it was estimated that only 9% of students were getting proper scheduled online classes in Nepal. 9%. Furthermore, just about half the total households had dedicated internet access. This means that the other half of students have not received formal education

Abiral Karmacharya Class: 10 Section: B

These same students will be giving the upcoming SEE and BLE exams along with us. It is not a level playing field by any means. An entire generation will have lost before they even had a chance to start.

We are beyond fortunate to have received such thorough and complete education during times of COVID. If you take anyway anything from this short speech, I’d like you to understand that the things you take for granted in life, just might be what others dream of achieving. And when the time comes, let us not shy away to offer a helping hand to those who were not as fortunate as us.

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