May 24, 2019

Dear Parents,

In the last newsletter, we talked about our code of conduct, one of our new projects this year. Now, we would like to share another effort we are making at the school. We want our students to be excited about learning and to learn useful skills and information. Often this means going beyond the textbook to study a topic in depth using hands on materials and our local community as a resource. The first project in this effort is a playground design project we are undertaking in 6th grade with the Dhulikhel Municipality. Each section of 6th grade is being asked to design a playground as the Municipality is planning on creating playgrounds in each ward. The students have visited the future playground sites and will be engaged in a series of planning activities to come up with a final design. Students are working in groups of four and each group will present its design at an event to be held at the Municipality. Students are developing observation, planning and design skills as well as a deeper understanding of the role of the Municipality. We are also pleased to let you know we have hired a drama teacher, Miss Aakankshya Bhujel for classes one to five. She will come to school once a week on Monday. She has extensive experience working in theater – acting and producing plays as well as experience working with children. Our dance teacher, Mohan Taujale, is on one month leave to Australia. We are fortunate to have two excellent substitutes, Miss. Soniya Shakya and Mr. Ram Khadka.

Project with Karkhana

Dear 6th and 7th Class Parents,

We are pleased to be able to offer a supplemental, hands-on, science activity program in your child’s class. These activities, designed by Karkhana (, are packaged as a kit which will belong to your child. The kid contains materials for up to 14 different science activities which support and extend the content of the textbooks. The activities promote important scientific skills – observation, prediction, data collection, hypothesizing, as well as skills in handling and organizing materials. These lessons will be a wonderful addition to our science program. The cost of the program will be Rs 3400 or less. Once we receive the kits in the next week or so and get the final price, we will inform you.

Joint Schools Teachers’ Workshop

This Saturday all our teachers are participating in a professional develop day organized by KUHS for all the joint schools that we collaborate with on a variety of student and teacher events.  Our joint schools are St. Xavier’s, Jawalakhel, St. Mary’s, Rose Bud, Nepal Don Bosco, and St. Xavier’s Godavari.  St.Xavier’s in Jawalakhel is the venue for this event where we expect over 300 teachers to attend.

Physical Examination

This Tuesday a team of 9 doctors and staff from the Dhulikhel Hospital will come to school to conduct student health screenings to include height and weight measurements, general body check, eye and ENT screenings.  We are grateful to the Hospital Staff for their time and willingness to help us.

KUHS School App

We have sent username and Password for those students who have joined the school this year. We encourage you to use the school app. Please feel free to contact Mr. Ngudup Dorje Lama (IT Department) for any co-operation.

Sericulture Field Trip

On the day of 2nd May, 2019 we the students of grade ten went for field visit to Sericulture development farm. It was an exploration based visit. We were guided by our science teacher (Rupak Khatri) and Director Dr. Barbara Butterworth. We went there for enhancing our knowledge about silk moths as we need to study about it in our course. We got a chance to learn about silk farming and life-cycle of it theoretically in class and practically during the field. We were given a worksheet in which we had to answer the questions and submit it at the end of the day. We got to see different stages of silk moths. We had fun knowing about the sick moths and also eating mulberries by going to the field. Not only sericulture we also went to Indreshwor Mahadev Temple and Panauti Museum. There, we got to know about Panauti’s history and culture. At the end of the day we finished our trip having a lot of knowledge and fun.

Suranga & Riyana, 10A

Art Workshop-Joint School Activity

On Friday, 10th May, 2019, selected students from grade 6, 7 and 8 (Shrawosti, Safalta, Amshul, Evan, and Lasata) went to attend an art workshop held in Kathmandu University School of Art. We were guided by Dr. Barbara Butterworth and Mr. Tejendra Rajbhandari. We arrived there around 9.00 am. We met our partner schools there. Firstly, we were taken to see different studios of 2D and 3d arts. We observed the arts there. After that there was a welcome speech by Tejendra sir. We were combined with other schools and divided into three different groups. We were given some topics for our 2D art. They provided us all the art supplies we needed. We were given 1 hour to finish the task. After our task was finished, it was displayed on a pin board. Then, we had our lunch and a short break. After that we were taken to 3D studio to make 3D arts. We made different art of insects, animals and birds. We had limited time; around half an hour. After finishing it, every one gathered and got their participation certificate respectively. Then, we ended the program with an ending speech.

It was an amazing experience representing our school. We would like to thank KUHS for organizing this annual art workshop.

Safalta, 8A

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