June 28, 2019

Dear Parents,


First we are delighted to announce this year’s SEE results.  36 of our students received A+, 23 received A, and 1 received B+. Congratulations to our students and teachers who worked very hard for these successful results.  

Starting now, I will be away on leave for two months.  I will be back at home in the United States where I need to look after my house and garden, see family and take care of other issues.  I look forward to being back at KUHS on Sept. 1.

Playground Project:  Grade VI has been involved in a playground design activity with the Municipality.   Yesterday, one section made a final presentation of their plans for a playground to staff at the Municipality.  The staffs were impressed by our students’ ideas and the clear quality of their presentations.  We also had a wonderful tour of the Municipality.

We are sad to let you know that Prafulla Sir, our secondary Social Studies teacher, has had to relocate to Kathmandu for family reasons and will no longer be teaching at KUHS.  He was a fine teacher and will be missed but we plan to have an excellent replacement shortly.


First Cycle Test/Result Day

The first cycle test for Grade VII to X begins from Asadh 16, 2076 (1st July, 2019). The result day of First Continuous Assessment and First Cycle Test has been scheduled on Ashad 28, 2076 (July 13, 2019 ), Saturday between 9 am to 12 noon. We encourage you to come and receive the report card and talk with individual teachers about your children overall performance.

Your fee through Ashad must be cleared in order to get the report card.


Summer Break

The Summer Break for this session begins from Ashad 30, 2076 (15th July, 2019) and school resumes on Shrawan 6, 2076 (22nd July, 2019).


New Admission in Class XI

We would like to inform you that new admission for Grade XI in Science has been opened. You can get the forms from the given places or you can download it from our website (www.kuhs.edu.np) and submit it in any of the mentioned places. For the further details, please contact to our school office during office hours. 

School Office: 011-490638, 011-490561

Patan Book Shop, Patan Dhoka: 01-4267452

Pragati Pustak Bhandar, Banepa: 011-661257

Kewal’s Uniform, Pako Marga, New Road: 01-4259121


JS Quiz Competition

On 24th June, 2019, Joint School Quiz Competition was held at SXJ. The Quiz Contest was interesting and equally competitive. We, two students from Green House including one from Grade VIII, participated and secured second position. We also had participants in the audience from our school as well.

Shreesa Baral, Grade X



On Monday, 10th June, 2019, we the students of Grade IX were taken to Godawari for a field trip to ICIMOD (International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development). The main purpose of this site was to demonstrate various technologies for, and approaches to sustainable mountain development, which were of interests to the people and partner institutions to ICMOD in the Hindukush Himalayan. We got a chance to discover the solar energy techniques, shiitake mushrooms, alternative sources of energy, different plant species, scientific names of different plants and insects and so on. We also got a chance to taste the local plum of that area, which was extremely tasty. But most of all, we got to discover the literal beauty and greenery of that area which pleased us for sure. Lastly, we would like to thank the school for giving this opportunity to discover and experience such beauties. We hope that we will again get a chance for such kind of trips.

Gracie Shrestha, IX A


Formation of Student Counseling Unit

We would like to notify you that the school has formed a ‘Student Counseling Unit’ in A Level/ +2 Departments. This unit will observe the disciplinary problems and make suggestions or give advice to an individual student or in groups. We expect all the students to demonstrate good behavior and attitudes and be disciplined.

Below is the team of Student Counseling Unit.

Mr. Madhav Chalise: Coordinator

Ms. Usha Mishra: Member

Mr. Ravi KC: Member

Mr. Bibek Bhattarai: Member

Mr. Anurag Kafle: Member

Club Supervisors

We have Club Supervisor for each clubs in Higher Secondary Block. Below is the list of the names.

Mr. Prakash Shrestha: SQC Club

Mr. Netra Pangeni: Palanchok Club

Mr. Madan Kafle: Canvas Club

Mr. Ravi KC: Science cum Intellect Club

Club Presidents

We have finalized the names of the Club Presidents. It was very difficult to come up with 4 names but we had strict criteria for selecting it and the interested students presented their proposals. Out of the 12 presenters from A level and Class 12, we have selected the four for four different clubs and below is the given names.

Mr. Rabin Shrestha: Canvas Club

Miss Anika Dahal: Palanchok Club

Miss Arya Shrestha: SQC Club

Mr. Mohit Adhikari: Science cum Intellect Club


JS Teachers Exchange Programme

It was my immense pleasure to get the opportunity to be the part of Joint school Teachers Exchange Programme again at St. Xavier School, Jawalakhel. I could adopt the new environment of that school well with the cooperation of the staff and the enthusiasm of students there. I was assigned to grade four and tried my best to accomplish my duties and responsibilities well. I taught them different kinds of games and they found the games very interactive and interesting. I also learnt many innovative and interesting activities from the staff and students there. I hope our school will give continuity to this programme in the future so that all the teachers of our school may get opportunity to experience and explore the new environment of other schools.

Roma Pariyaar, Maths Teacher


There was a teacher exchange program for a week starting from June 10th 2019 to June 14th 2019. I went to Rosebud School, New Baneshwor – Buddhanagar.  On the first day, they warmly welcomed me in front of huge numbers of students and teachers.  It was great to be there because it was a new experience for me. So, vibes in that school was nice and fun.

Talking about the students, there were around 1900 students in total and in one class there were around 40 students. Even though there were many students, it was convenient and fun to teach them because class was interactive, cooperative and receptive and well-disciplined. There, I taught them about different gadgets and devices along with application related to computer and students were curious about those topics. It was fun to teach them.

Apart from teaching, I had an enjoyable time- played guitar and sang song, played futsal, played games with students and did horse riding in my leisure time. The colleagues were friendly and even management team took daily feedback. So overall, it was fun out there and I spent one fantastic week. 

Samuel Tamang, Computer Teacher


Visit to Yeti Industry

We the students of grade VII went to a field trip in Yeti Plastic Industry, Janagal, Kavre on 14th June 2019. We obtained lots if information like how the company manages its raw materials, what type of industry is this etc. we were able to know that 72 people are getting job opportunity to work in the factory. Pipes (HDPE, CARBON FREE) produced by the factory are being supplied throughout the country. The company manages its raw materials from UAE and Saudi Arab. Trained and Professionals are needed to handle the machines. This industry is Eco-friendly which means that this company doesn’t cause any pollution.

Pranjal, Kimberly, Kriti

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