Class 11 Entrance Exam

Dear Parents/Guardians

We would like to remind you all that the entrance exam for class 11 in science stream is scheduled tomorrow (Saturday, 23rd Asadh, 2075) at 11.00 am to 1.00 pm in the school. 


Result Day

The result day for grade 1 to 10 has been scheduled on Ashad 30, 2075(July 14, 2018) between 9.00am to 12.00noon. Parents are kindly requested to come and talk with teachers regarding students’ academic performances and their teaching and learning activities in school.

There is no change in the evaluation procedures up to class VI (Junior school). However classes VII to X do have system of cycle tests from this year onwards. So, overall evaluation system for this year onwards for grade VII to X is as given below.


1st  Period

2nd  Period

3rd Period

4th  Period


Cycle test 10%

Continuous evaluation 10%

Cycle test 10%

Half yearly exam 20%

Cycle test 10%

Continuous assessment 10%

Cycle test 10%

Final exam 20%







Summer Break

On week summer break has been scheduled from 31st Ashad, 2075(July 15, 2018) to 6th Shrawan, 2075(July 22, 2018). School will resume from 7th Shrawan, 2075(July 23, 2018) as usual.

Joint School Quiz Contest

Joint School Quiz Contest 2018 was held in St. Mary’s School in a very grand way. We, some students of KUHS also participated there and secured 2nd position too. The event was conducted in a well managed way. The students out there were very smart and helpful. We had a very tough competition as there was a very less point difference between the first team and us. The students there showed us around their school and made good friends with us. Overall we had an enjoyable and competition day. We hope that the school gives us more of such opportunities.

Swostik Pokhrel, Grade VIII

Joint-School Teachers Exchange Program

Recently, I got an opportunity to experience a joint school teacher exchange programme at St. Xaviers’ School, Godavari from 18th June 2018 until 22nd June 2018. For this, I would like to heartily thank our most valued and respected Principal Mr. Tejendra P. Rajbhandari. I would say, the venture was of great benefit, as I have seen, experienced and got exposure to different tutoring system and assessment methods. This has also facilitated me to build professional relation and networks with many notable and skilled professionals present there.

I have learned and gained many vital and valued information and skills, and is glad and excited to share entire information and knowledge acquired, with my esteem colleagues here and carry forward the same to classroom, making the teaching and learning process more effective and joyful. The school is surrounded by cool and calm greenery. It was really pleasing to both eyes and mind. All the students were well disciplined including, the teachers and the school management. Every one of them was dedicated and truthful to their duties and responsibilities. They were punctual and the morning assembly was very well managed and organized. The only concern was huge number of students per classroom as it makes difficult for teachers to work with large number of students. Large classrooms make discussion and group work more difficult. Students are seen to be less engaged also, the teacher finds hard to manage and address students having difficulty and requires individual assistant but, such issues can be resolved easily by just assigning some additional teachers as per the classroom requirement.

Bidhya Chhetri Poudel, Grade Teacher


Zoo Visit

We the students of grade I and II went to the Jawalakhel Zoo on the 13th of June, 2018. We had our lunch and we headed towards the zoo at 9.30am. After half an hour bus ride, we reached zoo at 11.00am. We saw different animals, birds and reptiles. We were excited to see the tiger. After watching all the animals, we had our lunch after having our lunch at 1.30pm we moved from the zoo. It was a wonderful visit and a fun filled day.

Grade I & II


Museums Visit (Grade III and IV students)

We went to visit Natural History Museum, Chhauni Museum, and National Museum at Swayambhunath and Chhauni in Kathmandu. In Natural History Museum, we saw different kinds of plants and animals of our country. We saw old and antique paintings, sculptures, and religious images of Buddishist and Hindus in National Museum. In military section of Chhauni museum, we saw different kinds old weapon which were made in Nepal and some of them were gifted by other countries. We enjoyed the visit a lot and gained knowledge as well. We would like to thank all the teachers for making this visit wonderful and hope similar kind of trip in the future.

Drishna Bista, Grade IV

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