Arrival of Academic director

We are very much delighted to inform you that we have our New Academic Director Ms. Barbara Butterworth from United States of America. She will be in the school from Sunday, 9th September, 2018. She has a long experience of working in different educational institutes inside and outside Nepal as successful educational leader.


Extended Weakened

The following week does have extended weekend due to Teej festival. Hostellers go home on Tuesday afternoon. Bus services will follow the Friday schedule on that day. We kindly request you to check the school calendar.


Half Yearly Exam

We would like to remind you that Half Yearly Examination been scheduled from Ashwin 8, 2075(Sept 24, 2018). The examination routine will be provided next week. We would like to remind you the weightage of second periodic evaluation.

Junior wings I-VI

Senior Wings VII-X

Half Yearly Exam (30%)

2nd Cycle test (10%)

Half yearly exam (20%)


Culture Lab

We are pleased to inform you that KUHS has introduced a special class of culture lab for Grade VIII and IX on fortnightly basis. ‘The aim of education is not of facts but of values’. Having this philosophy, Cultural Lab has been established to give the students of Nepal ‘Value Based Education’.

It deals with four parts of a student.

  1. Character-Deals with the topic that helps them optimize their good habits.
  2. Spiritual-To take out their potentiality that’s within.
  3. Academic-It helps the student to meet their academic excellence.
  4. Yantra- It deals with the relationship of the students with the devices.

These are aspects which are to be taught through life changing workshops and life changing motivational classes.


Wash your Hand

Children come into contact with germs. They can unknowingly become infected simply by touching things. Good Hand Washing is the 1st line of defense against the spread of illness. So, keeping this thing in mind, Kathmandu University High School in collaboration with Dhulikhel Hospital organized a hand washing Campaign for grade I & II on 4th Sep 2018. The Programme was divided into two sessions. The first session was the brainstorming. Children gave their valuable ideas. It was followed by the demonstration along with the rhymes. The rhymes had a catchy tune which our children learn in no time. This programme is very useful as our children have been implanting it on daily basis.

– Susmita & Biddhya


Student Exchange Program

We all know that KUHS has 5 partner schools in Kathmandu and Lalitpur (St.Xaviers’ School, Jawlakhel, St Mary’s School, Rosebud, Nepal Don Bosco and St. Xaviers Godavari). We organize various activities jointly throughout the year. This week was the students exchange programme where 15 our students (3 for each school) have gone to other school and 15 students (3 from each school) from their school are in KUHS. This has been awarding an opportunity to the young children to learn about the adaptation in new environment.

– Class VI


Investiture ceremony

Our investiture ceremony or scout ceremony was held about one and half month ago in our school. On that day we the students of class 6 got our scout membership badges with many responsibilities. Our senior brothers and sisters of class VII got their promotion badges. We also got badges from Nepal scouts. On that ceremony boys and girls got different badges. One of the main chief of Nepal Scouts also came to our ceremony to provide us membership and other all badges.

We had been practicing for the ceremony for weeks. Even though we had practiced a lot, we all were a bit nervous and it was obvious because it was our first time. On the day, we were first made to take the scout promises of scouts. After that we were provided badges and scarf. We felt glad and proud to be called Nepal Scouts.

– Aryan Bhattarai and Prashamsha Manandhar


Experience of Joint School Literary Contest

On 9th Bhadra, we the students of KUHS went to Nepal Don Bosco School for Literary contest. It was Saturday morning, we drove to NDBS. It was really good experience being with the students of other schools like Rosebud, St. Xaiver’s Jawalakhel, St. Xavier’s Godavari, St Mary’s and Nepal Don Bosco . There were many sectors of literature in which we could participate like in poem writing and recitation in English and Nepali, Nepali and English extempore speech, presentation and debate. I participated in Nepali poem writing and recitation. We were given 15 mins to write the poem and other time for reciting. We had our lunch over there and by 3.15pm we were at our bus stop. It was fun seeing everybody showing their creativity and enthusiasm. We had a good time with many students from six to ten.

– Suranga Sedhai, IX


Joint School Table Tennis Tournament

On 17th August 2018, we went to National Table Tennis Hall, Lainchaur. We moved on at 9.00am from our school and reached there at 11.00am. It was organized by RBS. Amira Maam and Ngudup sir were there to co-ordinate us. We started with assembly. Then it was 11.30am and we headed towards the match. Competitions were tough but we also gave our best to play. There were 23 students participating from our school. We would like to thank KUHS for giving this opportunity to show our talent. The whole match was over at 1.45am. Then, the manager of this tournament distributed the certificate to all the participants.

– Bhumi, Nuga & Selena, VIII


Changunarayan Visit

On 20th August 2018, we class VII had visited one of the World’s Heritage sites (Changunarayan temple) located in Bhaktapur which is also known as one of the oldest temple of Nepal. First, we had no idea that we were going to visit the temple but suddenly Principal Sir announced us that we were going to visit. He gave us some information on what we were going to do throughout the day. We had Arati Maam, Roma Maam, Nigar Maam, Tiziana Maam, Bing Laoshi, Niva Maam as our guides. Then, we had our lunch at 9.00am .After lunch we went to the bus. On the way to our destination, we sang many songs and had fun. After we reached, we saw many shops having different types of plants, jewellery, arts and crafts. Then, a temple guide came and gave many information about that temple. We roamed around the temple for some minutes. After that we came back to bus and had some snacks. Then, we moved towards the school. We had a good time being n the temple.  At last, we would like to thank our principal and all the teachers for guiding and helping us in each and every moment of our journey

– Class VII

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  1. End of Academic Session 2075. Students go home at 2:00 pm.

    April 1
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