Dear Parents

We have completed nine weeks of this academic session successfully. The staff and the students have managed to adapt in-person classes effectively. We have added various activities to daily school routine and obviously this would not be possible without your selfless support and cooperation. The school is going to form Parents Teachers Association Adhoc very soon. This committee will act as a bridge among the Teachers, Parents and the Management committee for the betterment of school, students and staff. Parents, students and the school authorities are a team and we have to complement each other’s sincere efforts. This is the right time to support our children. A sapling can be helped to grow straight but once it becomes a tree it cannot be guided in its growth.

We believe a school should not be considered to be just a common place for teaching and learning. There must be an effort for the overall development of the knowledge, skills and attitude. Different skills activities have already been introduced. A few more like Model United Nations (MUN), Rotaract club, Robotic club etc are in progress. We have been planting the seeds of discipline, duty and devotion in students to see it grow as huge trees. While educating the children great individual attention definitely has to be paid to the cultivation of good human value. Our motto is to produce sensible and responsible future citizens.

Together We Can


New Admission

The new admission for the academic year 2079-2081 for grade 11 has opened. We offer only the Science stream. Nepali, English and math are the core compulsory subjects and physics and chemistry are other compulsory subjects. There is an option between Biology and computer. Please visit the school website or call at 011 490638.

Important Dates are:
Last date for form submission: 17th Ashad 2079
Entrance date: 21st Ashad 2079

First Cycle Test and First continuous assessment

Only a continuous evaluation system will be applied for grades 1 to 6 for the evaluation of the academic progress of your child for this period of the academic year. This period will be evaluated out of 15. On the other hands’ continuous assessment and cycle, tests will be applied for the grades 7 to 10 and evaluated out of 20. The routine of the first cycle test has already been given to the students.

Result Day

The result of the first continuous assessment and the first cycle has been scheduled for Ashad 25, 2079 (July 9, 2022) between 10 am to 12 noon. We highly encourage you to meet the respective class teachers and subject teachers to talk about various areas of your child’s progress and development.

Summer Break

A summer break for a week has been scheduled from Ashad 27, 2079 to Ashad 31, 2079. The classes resume from Shrawan 2, Monday.


The fee bill for the Ashad month has dispatched today. We kindly request you to deposit the amount by Ashad 17,2079. Few of the students have dues for the previous months too.Our humble request to clear all the due at the earliest.

Our visit to Rajshree Gurukul

On 15th June Wednesday, we students of Grades 7 and 8 went to Rajshree Gurukul for our union program. With the main motive to share our skill and experiences regarding extracurricular activities, we had an amazing moment together. We performed several dances and activities there with full enthusiasm and confidence. Sharing our capabilities was also a great initiative to bond together and develops a good relationship with other school as well.

Furthermore, as we proceeded towards the school we were kindly welcomed by their respective members and students. A small welcome program was conducted by the students of Rajshree Gurukul .It was great pleasure to be welcomed by the school with such remarkable performances. After a short lunch break, we moved toward to the auditorium for performing our dances. We presented different cultural and modern dances. It was a memorable day for all of us. At last lot of students joined in a group dance which was one of the best parts of the whole program .All these collaborations have been an incredible opportunity for all of us to develop our personalities and leadership once again, we would like to thank our principal Tejendra sir, coordinator Neeva ma’am, dance teacher Mohan sir and Rajshree Gurukul the organizing school for giving us such a great opportunities in the upcoming future as well. At the end we wish to keep on continuing our relationship stronger with Rajshree Gurukul.

: Jamisha Bade and Meghna Jha
Grade: 8

Art Workshop

There was an Art workshop in Kathmandu University High School (KUHS) in 2022-06-01 Wednesday. There were 6 schools invited. St.Xaviers (Godawari,Jawlakhel), St.Marrys,Rose Bud,Nepal Don Bosco School etc. had come to our school.

It was so pleased to invite those schools and have the inter-school Art workshop together. Also have good relation with them. We hope this is nice this nice bond between these schools goes on like this and the upcoming students also can have the opportunity as well.

I was also the one, who participated in the Art workshop and I had a great time working with my friends. The art work shop was also handed by our respected art teacher Rukmini ma’am, she taught us to do oil painting by process. In the workshop, volunteers were also there to help or contribute the participants and teachers.

At last I would like to thank our principal Tejendra sir, coordinator Neeva ma’am, art teacher Rukmini ma’am and all the teachers from the invited schools and our school for making this program be successful and interesting.

: Nirvana Aria Maharjan

Our Swimming Experience

Our swimming classes started from Jestha 24th 2079, Tuesday. All of us were excited for it. On the very first day we were asked to take our belongings and go for swimming. All of us were very excited and little bit scared too, but our swimming instructor helped us calm down and taught us some swimming moves.
Few of us were expressing it for the first time, indeed all of us started very well. Before we got into the swimming pool, we did some exercise. We were further more thought different techniques how to more our hands, legs perfectly.

Early we got on the pool of four feet, later to six and nine feet. Almost all of us can swim properly on six feet pool while few of our friends can swim into nine feet, hence we all enjoy going swimming and its fun too.

: Sanvika Makaju, Adhiran Manandhar, Swarup Lamsal and Bhabin Maharjan
Grade VI

My Experience of Scout

Scout does not mean uniform. Scouting should be caring from inside. We should show love to scout. To learn scout we should know that scouting is my aim. Not to be rich. If anybody does not care about others they cannot be true scout. Main thing we should understand that its job, volunteer job is not to go and make money. We should be prepared if we became scout we should more towards good. Scout teaches us how to survive.

Characteristics of Scout are:

  1. A scout honor is to be trusted.
  2. A scout is loyal.
  3. A scout’s duty is to be useful and to help others.
  4. A scout is a friend to all and a brother to every scout.
  5. A scout is courteous.
  6. A scout is a friend to animals.
  7. A scout obeys orders of their parents.
  8. A scout smiles and whistles under all difficulties.
  9. A scout is thrifty.
  10. A scout is clean in thought, word and deed.

: Shubham Palanchoke and Omshree Khadka
Class 7