28 September, 2022

Dear Parents                                                                                                                                                                                      

Warm Greetings 

In formal education our children always need help and support from their parents. More than 85 research studies conducted over the past 30 years prove that children do better when parents are involved. Grades are higher. Test score improves. Attendance increases. Just admission to school does not fulfill parents’ responsibilities. They always need your help. We wish all our parents would be responsible and accountable for our children’s education.

The school too is equal or more responsible and accountable for our children’s holistic progress. We are looking forward to a productive partnership with you to ensure our children can achieve their highest potential. Our children need support from both the home and the school. Parents need to be involved in school activities and education as a whole.

Keeping the same thought in mind just a few days back an Ad Hoc committee of the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) has been formed. There are altogether 11 members (6 parents and 5 teachers). This committee comprises members from all levels, Elementary to Higher secondary. One of this committee’s major objectives is to build a strong communication link between the school and the parents. This is a platform where discussion on all the issues will be carried out. The details of PTA Sanchalan Nirdesika are available on the school website.

Parents Teacher Association AD HOC Committee

S. No. Name Designation Email Address Children in KUHS
1 Bidhan Joshi Chair Person [email protected] 4,12
2 Usha Manandhar Vice Chair Person [email protected] 11
3 Balaram Pokharel Member [email protected] 7,10
4 Shrinkhala Shrestha Member [email protected] 6
5 Krishna Karki Member [email protected] 3,11
6 Durga Ranjit Member [email protected] 7
7 Narad Rijal Member [email protected]
8 Niva Shrestha Member [email protected] 1
9 Naresh Pradhan Member [email protected] 12
10 Ganga Luitel Member [email protected] 6
11 Tejendra Rajbhandari Member Secretary [email protected]


Appointment of a Vice Principal

We are very glad to announce that the school management committee has decided to make few changes in school organization by adding new post of a Vice Principal. We are very glad to announce that the coordinator of KUHS Higher Secondary wings Mr. Narad Rijal has been appointed as Vice Principal of Kathmandu University High School. However he will continue the role of coordinator in higher secondary wings until further decision.


Reschedule the School Time For junior wings

We hardly manage time for the departmental teachers meeting to discuss various issues of the student and the teaching and learning processes therefore we have decided to reschedule school time for the junior wings (Grades 1 to 6). The school will begin 40 minutes later than the present time schedule and end 40 minutes later than the present time schedule. This new schedule will be implemented from Asoj 26, 2079. Details will be sent after Dashain’s break. There will be no change in time table for the hostellers.


Winter Uniform

It gets colder in Dhulikhel mainly in the morning and evening of November. You are requested to manage winter uniform namely woolen sweater, cap, muffler, fleece and warm inner clothes. You are kindly requested to contact Kewal’s Uniform, Newroad or Heritex Banepa. The school has a strict policy not to allow any students in out dresses.


Fee Payment

Parents are requested to deposit the monthly school fee up to Kartik at the earliest, as you have been informed earlier through the software system. If there is any old due remaining please clear it as earliest as possible. This is a period in which income decreases and expenditure increases.


Article writing

We would like to request all the students to write an article during this Dashain vacation. These articles will be published in the KUHS review. The articles should be children’s own creative writing and have to be sent to their respective class teacher’s email addresses.

Class Teacher, 2079

Class Teacher Email address
Class 1 Bidhya Chettri

Susmita Bhusal

[email protected]

[email protected]

Class 2 Sajana Shrestha

Gauri Thapa

[email protected]

[email protected]

Class 3 Maya Adhikari [email protected]
Class 4 Roma Pariyar [email protected]
Class 5 Rinchen Tshomo [email protected]
Class 6A Uma Kutu [email protected]
Class 6B Susmita Shrestha [email protected]
Class 7A Umesh Timalsina [email protected]
Class 7B Arati Khadka [email protected]
Class 8A Sajana Pradhan [email protected]
Class 8B Ganga Luitel [email protected] kuhs.edu.np
Class 9A Ngudup Dorjee Lama [email protected]
Class 9B Uttam Shrestha [email protected]
Class 10A Rupak Khatri [email protected]
Class 10B Ram Bikram Basnet [email protected]


Robotics Workshop

“If we teach our children as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.” – John Dewey

Keeping this great philosophy in mind, we are trying to cultivate the concept of robotics in the mindset of our children. Robotics was the past, present and future of the 21st century. Technology is emerging in new forms day by day. Our prime focus is to make our students familiar with these new advancements. They should know how different technologies work. Students should be able to build scaffoldings and come up with new ideas relating to technology. To achieve this goal, we recently organized 3 days (a total of 9hrs) of Electronics Workshop for grades VIII and IX with the help of Nepal Robotics Insights Centre. Students got a chance to learn about different dimensions of electronics and robotics. Students of Class VIII designed a working model of a traffic Light, whereas grade IX designed a working model of an automatic Dustbin. We believe that our children are now able to understand and implement the basic concepts of Robotics.

Rupak Khatri

HOD of Science and Technology


Students Participating in 7th SQC Hub Convention, Organized by Dorje Lakpa Hub

Students Quality Circle (SQC) is a new approach in education where students learned to be smart and good citizens. Smartness and goodness are the most essential qualities that any student must possess. SQC helps a student become a total quality person who is always trying to bring positive changes and serve society.

In SQC, a small group of students identify a common reoccurring problem among themselves. They then find its root cause and solutions by using various scientific problem-solving tools. Students will learn various essential skills such as analysis, collaboration, critical thinking, communication skills, leadership and much more. The students will participate in different programs in numerous competitive and non-competitive events.

Recently, on the 29th of Bhadra, a team of SQC members participated in various events namely presentation, Panel Discussion, quiz and collage at the 7th SQC Hub Convention, hosted by Arunodaya English Secondary School. The presentation was a non-competitive event. Our students were able to secure 3rd position in the quiz and 1st position in collage competition.

They are also going to attend the 23rd International Convention (23rd ICSQC’22) going to be held from 15th to 17th November 2022, which will be hosted by St. Xavier Godawari School. We wish all the best for the team members.

Rupak Khatri

SQC Master Trainer


Dashain Greetings 2079

On the auspicious occasion of Bijaya Dashami, we wish you Good Health, Happiness, and Prosperity!

As a reminder Dashain’s vacation begins from 13 Asoj, 2079 (September 29, 2022) and school resumes from Asoj 24, 2079 (October 10, 2022).