Message from Director

Dear Guardians,

With the start of the winter holidays, I want to say again how much I am enjoying being a part of KUHS, working with both the staff and your children.

During the coming three weeks, please encourage your children to READ, READ, READ – books, magazines, in English and Nepali. For younger children, please read to them in both languages as well. One of the surest ways to improve language is through the rich world of the written word. Through reading, children develop vocabulary, and understanding of the structure of a language, and a broader knowledge of the world. All of these are essential to being competent in speaking, reading and writing a language.

During this holiday, we will also welcome in a new Gregorian New Year, a good time to talk with your child about what she or he wants to become better at – whether at school or outside of school. For example, my goal for the coming months is to learn as many of the names of your children as I can. I have long ways to go, but really hope by the end of the session that I can match names with many more faces than I can now.

Wishing all of you a lovely and not too chilly holiday.

Barbara Butterworth



Result Day

The report card of second continuous assessment has been sent with your child; however parents are encouraged to visit school on Saturday, 29th December, 2018 (14th Poush, 2075) between 9:00 am to 12 noon. Furthermore we are extremely sorry to inform you that following teachers will not be available on Result Day as they will be engaged in other different school activities on that day onwards. 

  1. Naresh Pradhan         : Professional Development Training Program
  2. Sajana Shrestha         : Professional Development Training Program
  3. Smita Rai                    : Professional Development Training Program
  4. Ganga Luitel              : Going to attend Chinese Program
  5. Rupak Khatri            : Depart to India with Grade VIII
  6. Aarati Khadka           : Depart to India with Grade VIII
  7. Purna Lamichhane  : Depart to India with Grade VIII
  8. Amira Ghale               : Depart to India with Grade VIII
  9. Uttam Shrestha          : Depart to Ghorepani with Grade VII
  10. Sameul Tamang          : Depart to Ghorepani with Grade VII
  11. Susmita Bhusal           : Depart to Ghorepani with Grade VII
  12. Sita Thapa                    : Depart to Ghorepani with Grade VII


Day Off for Grade VII and VIII

Most of the students from Grade VII and Grade VIII are going to Ghorepani Trek and India Tour respectively. Therefore we have decided to provide a day off to Grade VII and Grade VIII on Friday, 28th December, 2018 (13th Poush, 2075) for the required preparation for the excursion. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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Upcoming Events

  1. End of Academic Session 2075. Students go home at 2:00 pm.

    April 1
  2. Result Day (Grade I to A-Level)

    April 5