Happy Dashain, 2077

Dear Parents/Guardians/students/staff

We are extremely happy and thankful for your constant support and motivation in the smooth operation of the school despite the intricacies invited by COVID- 19. We are really indebted to you all. The auspicious occasion is at everyone’s doorstep. So, we would like to wish you all a Happy and Prosperous Dashain, 2077. May the blessings of Durga remove the darkness of ignorance and sorrow and shower wisdom, good health, peace and prosperity in your future.

Please stay safe and stay healthy.

With Best Wishes,

KUHS Family


Message from the Academic Director

Dear KUHS Parents,

I know this has been a challenging six months for all of you and for everyone in the KUHS Community, parents, students, teaching and non-teaching staff alike. My special thanks to you as parents for all your efforts in supporting your children during their online learning experiences. You have played an essential role in helping your children connect remotely and stay focused during zoom sessions; you have created a good study environment at home while assuring that your children turn in their assignments. Your constant presence has been essential to the success of our students – so many have been attending regularly and actively taking part in their classes.

Providing online learning is definitely a team effort and you have been an essential part of that team. The other essential part is the KUHS teachers with the support of the administration. They have worked tirelessly to find new and interesting ways to engage students and now most recently to offer the First Grade Assessment online.  They want every student to be present and active and I know you have heard from many of them. This has been a time of learning and innovation, a time when we have all grown.

So, in this season of celebration, I want to thank the whole KUHS community – students, parents, teachers, administrators and non-teaching staff, for all they have done to make these months a positive and successful experience.

Congratulations to All and a Happy Vijaya Dashami!

Barbara Butterworth

Academic Director


Academic Programme

We have been well-prepared with all the necessary protocols for reopening of school for face to face classes any time. Everything has been kept on standby position. We are in close contact with the school management committee chairperson, Dr. Rajendra Koju, on this issue. He has been giving us useful advice regularly.  Any further action in this regards depends upon overall health situation of the country, direction provided by Panauti Municipality, decision of Management committee and of course parents opinion, feedback and advice.


Evaluation Method

We have been evaluating students on regular basis through different strategies for their academic performances. . If any individual fails to achieve the given benchmark or remain absent in the exam, then he/she needs to appear in face to face exam as per the scheduled prepared by the school in future. The following evaluation method will be applicable this year.

First Grade Assessment: 20%

Half Yearly Exam: 40%

Final Exam: 40%


Dashain Break

The festival break begins from Sunday, 18th Oct until Sunday, 1st Nov, 2020. The classes resumes from 2nd Nov, 2020. We expect the students will be celebrating the festival putting the protocols of COVID-19 at the center.


Fee Update

We would like to thank our parents and guardians for following our timely notices and paying the fees until Ashwin, 2077. It is the only means to operate the school. So, we would humbly like to request the remaining parents and guardians to clear the fees as soon as possible. We still have parents who have not cleared the dues yet. So, please cooperate and deposit the fees. Below is the monthly fee, we are charging for class 11 and 12 from Baisakh onwards until pandemic period.

Class 11: Rs. 5,500/-.

Class 12: Rs. 5,000/-.

If you have any queries regarding the fees, please contact Nanishova Ma’am on 9869061947.


Result of First Grade Assessment

The result of First Grade Assessment is scheduled on, 10th November, 2020. We will let you know the procedures of accessing your ward’s result later.

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