Pre Registration of Class XI

The pre-registration of Class XI in Science stream has already begun. We will intake 60 students in the first year in 2 different sections. If you know anyone who wants to study, please ask them to register in advance. If you have any queries, please talk to our A-Level Administration on 011-490638 or School Administration on 011-4905561. We are happy to answer you.


New AS Level Arrived

We are happy to share you that the new classes for AS Level has started and they have already completed a week. The students are excited and glad to have new tastes in curriculum. They have also been distributed books and stationeries and classes are at smooth operation.


Evaluation Procedure

There will be little change in academic evaluation procedure for Grade VII upwards from this academic session. Four cycle test each carrying 10 marks will be in 4 different evaluation period, viz. one in each continuous assessment, one in Half Yearly Examination and another in Final Examination. Respective teachers have provided certain benchmark for their subjects. If students fail to obtain that mark they have to seat for another exam.


ID Card

New students’ Identity Card has been issued last week. This card also represent as the Insurance Card for the Dhulikhel Hospital where students get up to 70% discount in treatment in various departments. Students must carry this card everyday during school days. If it is lost, another card will be issued only after the payment of Rs. 200.


21st ICSQC (International Convention on Students’ Quality Circle), 2018

Every year ICSQC is held in different countries. This year it was held in Bangladsh from 2nd to 8th May, 2018. We, the students of KUHS also participated in the convention. We, the 8 students from Grade IX and X along with our facilitator Mr. Narad Rijal, went to participate in 21st ICSQC, 2018. On 2nd May, we had our flight at 11:55 am with more than 95 students from Nepal. We had to present group presentation and also had to compete with 8 other countries in different activities i.e. quiz, collage, debate, computer programming, etc. on the first day of the convention, we were welcomed with their traditional dances and songs. On the second day, we presented our case study in front of the audience including professors of Daffodil University. We also participated in many other competitions. Third day, we has a closing as well as prize distribution ceremony. We also got an ‘Extra Ordinary Award’ on our case study presentation. On 6th and 7th May, we were taken at different places of Dhaka, including Museum, Parliament, Shopping Malls, etc. on the last day, we bid goodbye to all our friends we met there. We collected many memories and shared our tradition with all those participants from different countries. We flew back to Nepal on 8th May. We would like to thank our school for letting us participated in 21st ICSQC, 2018.

Isha Shrestha, Biniva Pradhan, 9B


Joint School Maths Workshop

On the 27th May and 2nd June, we four teachers participated in a 2 days Maths Workshop conducted by St. Xavier’s School, Jawalakhel facilitated by the resource person Mr. Hukum Prasad Dahal. The Workshop was conducted in 2 sessions. The 1st one was a brief review on Professionalism, Effective Classroom Management, Learning Barriers of Children and Pedagogy followed by Mathematics Teaching , Teaching Learning Objective, Mathematics teaching Learning Stages, Teaching Learning activities, Project-based Learning, Action research via Diagnostic Evaluation and Modes of Evaluation. From this workshop we learned that mathematics could be taught through life skills rather than teaching rules. At the same time we learned activity-based classroom (solving mathematical problem through paper folding). In addition to this, new idea relating to lesson plan was introduced which was based on knowledge, understanding, life skill and higher ability. The workshop would have even been more fruitful if we could equally participate in the activities.

Participants of Maths Workshop


Science Teachers’ Workshop

KUHS organized a Joint School Science Workshop on 11st Jestha, 2075 on “Activity-based Teaching Learning”. The workshop was attended by 18 teachers of Science from 6 schools that are the members of Joint School family, including 3 teachers from 3 different public schools that are getting technical assistance from KUHS under its outreach programme. The workshop was facilitated by renowned Science teacher Mr. Jay Prakash Srivastav, the author of text book ‘Modern Graded Science’. We teachers actively took in the workshop. The workshop was refreshing and productive as well. Various ideas regarding science projects were discussed. Program ended with certification and closing remarks by Mr. Tejendra P Rajbhandari, Principal of KUHS.

Participants of Science Teachers’ Workshop


Art Competition

There was an art competition organized by KU which was held in June 1, 2018 on Friday. The topic for this competition was ‘Beat the Plastic’. Our principal choose Grade VIII A and few of them from Grade VIII B to show some creativity. American Cartage was the paper given to draw in. We started from 12:30 pm. We were given half an hour to complete. Many schools took part in this competition. They choose top 5 aesthetic pictures and I was one of them. I secured 2nd position in this competition. I achieved a wonderful gift voucher from a famous Fashion Store in Banepa, Tindobato (Antique Fashion Store). This was a great opportunity for all of us to show some sign to control plastic pollution and show our perspective in a piece of paper.

Tisha Sthapit, VIII A


Excursion to Silkworm Farming Center

“Tell me I forget. Teach me and I will remember. Involve me and I learn.” Keeping this quote in mind, we the students of Grade X were taken to our first field visit this year. On 8th of May 2018, we were very excited to see the wonderful weather with the slow breeze which was ideal for our trip. At about 10 in the morning, after our lunch, we filled our bottles with water and climbed up the bus to begin our journey. We were greeted by the officials there and guided through the parts of silkworm and their life cycles. Later, we were given the ample opportunity to see silkworms coming out of their respective cocoons live. After that we got chance to enjoy Mulberry fruits. After spending time there, we were taken to local Panauti Museum, which we really found beautiful and informative. Finally, we returned back to school. I would like to thank all the teachers who accompanied us throughout our journey and all the respective bodies for making this journey possible on behalf of all students at Grade X

Avaash Bhattarai, X


Field Visit to ICIMOD

On 31st May, 2018, the students of Grade IX went for a field visit to ICIMOD. The head office of ICIMOD in Nepal is located in Godawari, Lalitpur. ICIMOD stands for International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development. It is an organization which works in many countries. They also do researches of climate change and biodiversity. We were accompanied by three teachers: Rupak Khatri Sir, Neeva Shrestha Ma’am, and Sanam Shrestha Ma’am. We were fascinated by the variety of plants we saw as soon as we entered. Later on as we were moving, we also saw bee keeping, goat rearing and fish farming that was done there. There were fruit trees and medical plants as well. The students also bought plum which was organic. Our teachers bought plants for planting on world environment day as well. We would like to that our teachers and school for such opportunity.

Sheersa Baral, XI B


Joint School Art Workshop

On 11th May, 2018, Joint School Art Workshop was held in our school. This workshop is held once in every year and a group of students from each school participate and show their creativity according to their given topics. The topics were divided according to their grades:

Grade V & VI:      Motherland

Grade VII & VIII:  Inner Beauty

Grade IX & X:      My Responsibilities Towards My Country

We (the participants) and the school were very glad to see the enthusiasm from every other school. Due to the hard work of Rukumani Ma’am and volunteers’ of Grade X, the program went smoothly. The program ended in two hours and all the artworks were displayed on our courtyard. At the end, all the participants were distributed certificate and were thanked for the hard work. Each and every art work looked amazing and we got to see and learn from the artworks of fellow participants. We would like to thank our school for organizing such a program which helped us to show our own creativity and learn from others. We merely hope that these kind of program continue.

Ansu and Sannon, XI


Celebration of World Environment Day

On 5th June, 2018, we students, teachers and the entire school celebrated “The World Environment Day” students from Grade VI to A-Level had their own assigned activities. In the morning, we had short assembly where the teachers gave us guidance for the day. The students of Grade X stayed in school premises and presented illustrations. Different beautiful illustrations and arts were made by other students. Specially, Grade X were given the responsibility to maintain the school premises. Additionally, the students learned a lot of knowledge and awareness about the environment and its importance. We refreshed ourselves blending with the beauty of nature. Every student and teacher got an amazing opportunity to give cursory glance to our wonderful nature represented in the illustrations.

Sinja and Bidhi, X A


On 5th June, 2018, (World Environment Day) we the students of Grade IX went to Dhaneshwor temple along with some teachers in order to clean the area of the cultural heritage there. We also made one model of earth regarding how it suffers because of plastic pollution. We moved from the school at 9:00 am and reached Dhaneshwor temple area after half an hour. We reached the main gate after walking for 10 minutes. When we were at the temple, we were introduced to the agenda of this year’s World Environment Day, which was “Beat the Plastic Pollution”. We cannot reuse plastic so we must refuse it. We used brooms, dust pan and jute sacks to clean. For us, it took around one and half hours to clean and other half an hours to return to school. Although, it rained in the morning we enjoyed cleaning. Actually, it was good that it rained because rain removes pollution from air. At last, not only in environment day we must always make our surrounding clean.

Suranga & Sijuka, XI A


In the morning of this year’s World Environment Day, our school conducted an assembly to announce that each class would tdo particular jobs for celebrating the day. Our class VII needed to go to Gosaisthan in order to clean the cultural heritage site there. We reached there at 10:00 am by bus. We collected two sacks of garbage altogether when we went there. Narayan Dai dug a pit and we dumped all garbage in it. Then we went up a series of stairs and we saw a snake eating a frog which made us scared. Finally we collected almost 5 – 6 sacks of trash and filled it in 3 pits. Ravi Sir, Pabitra Ma’am, Purna Sir, Smita Ma’am, Sanam Ma’am and Narayan Dai went along with grade VII students. It was a very beautiful place but full of garbage, which we cleaned. It was difficult job, we all were very thirsty and at that time we realized the importance of water. Our school’s staff had already kept some of the containers for the trash. We returned to the school at 12:00 o’clock after the cleaning of the site.

Pratistha, Ankit & Abiral, VII


We celebrated World Environment Day on the last 5th June. On the day, we the students of Grade VI planed 4 plants. It was a very good experience that we got in field of environment conservation. After we finished planting, we went to see the beautiful paintings made by our seniors. That day our school also announced a ban on use of poly bags.

Aarya, Amshul & Aryan, VI


On 5th June, 2018, we two students (Riyana Lacoul and Tisha Sthapit) with our art teacher (Rukumani Prajapati Ma’am) went to the Art Competition held in Panauti municipality. We gathered around 9:00 am. There was a rally for Environment Day. We had a breakfast first. Then the opening ceremony started. The organizer gave speech about the matrilas and other tools. After some time we were provided with our snacks pack. At 11:30 am the competition started. We were provided with the necessary materials. The given time was 2 hours. Theme was “Beat the Plastic Pollution”. The competition was very much tough. The paintings were creative. At last we had photo session and had our food. We had lots of fun and learned much from other participants.

Riyana, XI A


“Cleanliness is Godliness”

On the day of June 5, there was World Environment Day celebration at our school. Our school had planned to send different classes to different places for the cleaning. Grade VIII had been to Bhagwati temple, Narayanthan and Lankhanamai temple in Dhulikel area. This environment Day’s theme was to “Beat the Plastic Pollution”. We couldn’t see many trashes so it made us easier to clean the places. Cleaning the place made us feel like our heart was also cleaned. We felt that, although we didn’t clean many places. Even if we cleaned only how much dirt was there in the sites, it made us feel content. We didn’t get to clean many places but we hope that we more opportunities like this in the days ahead, which will make us all feel sense of social responsibility. It was a day to remember, a day that made-change in our thinking, a day that made a change in the environment and a day to “Beat the Plastic Pollution”.

Bhumi, Arunima, & Omika, VII

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