Message from Academic Director

Dear Parents,

The teachers, staff and I welcome you to the new school session. To new parents, we are delighted you made the choice to join our school and to returning families, we love to watch you children grow and mature with each year. We are exciting about our many plans for this year which we will share with you through these news letters.

Our School Motto is: “Cultivating Socially Responsible and Sensible Citizen.” We take this motto seriously. It is our responsibility, with your help, to develop respectful and caring young people who can be models and leaders in future. To that end, we have implemented a Code of Conduct this year which provides guidance to students and staff as to how they are expected to behave. The Code is printed in the Parent/Student Handbook and in front of the Homework Diary for secondary students so you and your child have easy access to it. This Code is equally relevant to home and to school so we look for your support in helping your child understand and act in ways that show respect for self, others, and property, and in ways that are honest and caring. Together, we can help our children grow into socially responsible adults.

Please do no hesitate to be in touch if you have any questions or ideas.


Barbara Butterworth

Academic Director

Calendar Corrections

Please not that our week-long Summer Break will begin on Ashad 29. Ashad 30 and Ashad 31 are holidays, not school days as indicated on the calendar.

Phone Policy

If you wish to talk to teacher or staff member at KUHS, please call the school office (011-490561) and leave a message. We are eager to communicate with you, but teachers and administrators are very busy during the day, so cannot respond to calls on their personal phones. Thank you for adhering to this policy.

School Campus Security

The safety of children is our first priority and the security of our campus is an important part of that effort. Briefly, here is how the campus is secure. There is only one entrance to the school where there is guard on duty all the time. All other gates are locked. Visitors sign in, are given a visitor’s card and are asked to remain at the gate until they can be escorted on campus. There will be 16 Close-Circuit Cameras which will cover most of the school premises. 

Latest News

Upcoming Events

  1. JS SEE Preparation Examination (Grade X)

    February 2
  2. Fifth Professional Development Day

    February 2
  3. JS Principal Meet, SXJ

    February 20