Message from Academic Director

Dear KUHS Families,

It has been exciting to watch your children so enjoying being back in school again.  They have settled into routines and have now had their first round of cycle tests in person after such a long time.  Teachers are pleased with their progress although everyone needs to work hard to be up to standard for the year. 

We have been blessed with a COVID free period since we came back in person.  Thanks to Dhulikhel Hospital almost all our students 12 and over have been vaccinated as have most of our parents.  Students and staff have been carefully and consistently wearing masks so that we have had a very healthy few months.   With Omicron on the horizon, though, we are going to have to be vigilant both at home and at school.

Winter break is now here.  Please, use this time tovisit new places with your children, read together, talk with your children about their interests and encourage them.  This is a time to explore, to be outdoors, to be active.  Please strictly limit the amount of time your children spend on the computer playing games or using social media. 

Stay warm and healthy,

Barbara Butterworth, Academic Director

New Chairperson of School Management Committee

The Second term of the chairperson of the Management Committee, Dr. Rajendra Koju, is now completed.  Professor Dr. Laxman Gnywali has been appointed as the new chairperson of the school Management committee effective from 2078/09/18.

We are grateful to Dr. Koju for his effort and contribution towards the progress of the school.  His leadership has been invaluable. 

Prof. Gnyawali has done his post graduate degree in English from Tribhuwan University. M.Ed. in TTELT TeacherTraining from Plymouth, St Mark St. John and PhD from Kathmandu University. At the moment he is a professor at Kathmandu University, School of Education. Prof. Gnyawali has long experience in the education system of Nepal.

We believe that KUHS will achieve success and prosperity under his leadership.

Result day

We have already published the results of the Third Continuous Assessment and Second Cycle test in the School App. If you would like to talk with your child’s teachers about his/her performance and progress please feel free to visit School this Saturday (2078/09/17) between 10 am and 12 noon.

Winter Break

We have reduced the winter break by one week from what is mentioned in the school calendar .The winter break begins from 2078/09/18 and ends on 2078/10/02.The school resumes from 2078/10/03 Monday. There may be some chances of winter rain during that period of time so you are kindly requested for the arrangement of warm clothes and raincoat or umbrella.

Fee payment

We have already sent the fee amount up to the Poush month through SMS system and Viber.You are kindly requested to deposit the amount at the earliest.If you have any queries regarding fees, please contact Manisha Prdhanang (9841809166).

School Identity Card

The new school Id card has been provided to the children. The same card is effective for the next academic session as well, sothe ID card must be keptsafely. Ifthe card is lost and needs to be replaced, the cost will be t Rs 200/-. This card is also used as the Insurance Card at the Dhulikhel Hospital. Card holders will be provided after the winter break.


Sadly we must bid farewell to Mr. Mohan Thapa,our head guard whohas retired due to age (60 is the retirement age for teaching as well as non teaching staff).  He joined the School in 2059 BS.He has been an honest, reliable, and trustworthy person.His morning smile has greeting many generations of KUHS students.  KUHS is grateful for his many contributions.  He will be missed. 

We wish him aa Happy, Healthy and Prosperous future.

Satellite Project

We are very much delighted to share this news with you. NepaliSat-1, also known as Bird NPL, was a Nepalese low orbit research satellite and the first satellite of Nepal. The satellite was launched from the Virginia Space’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport at NASA’, Wallops Flight Facility, in the United States in 17 April,2019 AD. Two Nepali scientists, Dr.Aabhas Maskey and Hariram Shrestha who were then studying at Japanese Kyushu Institute of Technology, developed the satellite under the BIRDS project of their institute in collaboration with Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST).This satellite’s mission is completed. The satellite successfullytook pictures of various geographical locations in the country.

IN 2023 NepaliSat- 2 is scheduled to be launched and Kathmandu University High School (KUHS) are going to make the second Satellite. DrAabhas Makey is with us now for the project. The space lab has already been set up andthe instructors’ team has started their activities. Six students from Grade 11 of KUSH and 3 from neighboring schools (one each from Sanjiwani School, Dhulikhel, Ajad School, Banepa and Chaitanya School, Banepa) have joined the project. The first phase of training will be over by 31st of December 2021 and then second phase starts.

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  1. Joint School Social Studies Workshop (RBS)

    May 29
  2. Class 11 Final Exams and Class 12 NEB Exams begins

    May 30
  3. Joint School Drawing and Painting Workshop (KUHS)

    June 2