Message from Academic Director

Dear Parents,

What a stop and go year we have had, but I am happy to report that most students have worked hard despite the difficulties of on-line learning and have made real progress.  Now that we are in the final weeks of the semester, this is the moment for your children to work extra hard, take care with their homework, and actively participate in class.  This is the moment, as teachers begin to review the course, for your child to catch up on anything missed and not understood.   Please encourage your child to take full advantage of this time. 

The weather has finally turned warm, spring is here after a long cold winter.  The 7th Grade Scouts have recently held a very exciting campout on the school grounds; in-depth  science units are underway in grades 3-5 along with Karkhana activities in 6-9, Class 10 students are seriously preparing for their exams,  so there is lots of energy in these and all our classes. 

Wishing you a beautiful spring,

Barbara Butterworth,

Academic Director

New Management committee

We are pleased to inform you that a new school management committee has been recently formed. The team has the following members.

Prof.  Dr. Laxman Gnawali, Chairperson

Mr. Khagendra Acharya, Member (Parents Representative)

Dr Sangina Ranjit Malla, Member (Parents Representative)

Ms.Puspa Aryal, (Panauti Municipality Representative)

Ms. Barbara Butterworth, Member

Mr. Parashuram Adhikari, Member (Teachers Representative)

Mr. Tejendra Rajbhandari, Member Secretary

We also express our gratitude to the previous Management Committee led by Prof Dr. Rajendra Koju and the team for the support and contribution for the development of the school.

Change in Calendar

There have been slight changesfor this calendar year. Please note the following dates:

Final Examination Begins :Chaitra 16, 2078

End of the session:             Chaitra 25,2078

Result Day                          Chaitra 29, .2078

New session Begins          Baishak 13, 2079

New admission

Forms are being distributed for the classes 1 and 6 for the new academic session 2079. The entrance test will be on Chaitra 5, 2078 at school. Please visit for the details. For other classes you may register the name by calling 011490561. Seats will be offered as per availability.

Final fees of this academic Year

The following is the amount for theremaining period of this academic year. We kindly request you to deposit this amount by Chaitra 11 2078.



Holi Festival falls on this coming Thursday Chaitra 3. The school will remain  close for two days (Thursday Chaitra 3 and Friday Chaitra 4). We would like to remind you that hostellers will go home on Wednesday Chaitra 2 as per the Friday schedule.