Dear Parents,

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of your children in person.  We have been making preparations for keeping your children safe and healthy along with plans to bring them up to speed academically.

We appreciate your support in sending your children to school with masks and hand sanitizer.  Please see essential information below. For additional information about the School’s expectations and procedures, you are kindly requested to read through the Parent Student Handbook (slightly revised recently). We have also posted it on our website (

We wish you very happy Dipawali and Chhat. NhudayaBhintuna. May this festive season bring good health, wealth and happiness in our life.

Bus Schedule

Bus schedules have already been given in school App and Parent student hand book. You are requested to come 5 minutes earlier than the schedule time at the respective bus stop. Most of the new students may be confusedabout the bus schedule on the first day of the school so you are requested to contact the bus in charge of your respective bus. There is no change in the arrival time of buses in the morning. The departure time for hostellers also remains the same.

However the departure time for day scholars has been changed from 4:00 pm to 3:10 pm Monday through Friday because of the cancellation of the activities period for this session, 2078. One additional bus has been added for day scholars which begins from Addabazar and Ms Babita Shrestha (9841701039) will be the in charge in that bus.

Reopening of the School

After the 18 months of online classes we have decided to open the school in person for all grades from Kartik 22, 2078. The number of COVID cases has been dropping but still we have to be cautious. We have run classes 1, 2, 6 and 7 recently as an experiment. It was successful although social distancing proved a challenge. Our emphasis will be on wearing masks at all times except while eating and on the athletic field.  Wearing masks is critical so be sure your child comes to school with one or more masks.

The good news is that 100% staff are vaccinated and the survey shows that most of the parents (85%) are already vaccinated, and 10% of the remaining parents have planned to be vaccinate soon. This reduces the risk of COVID by 90%.Those parents who have not been vaccinated (5%) yet are strongly recommended to take the vaccine as soon as possible. We also have prepared a health protocol policy. The staff have been trained with the team from Dhulikhel Hospital under the leadership of Dr. Dipesh Tamrakar, Dr. Ava Shrestha and Ms. Binu Upadhyaya. They even have recommended flu vaccine for the children as extra protection against illness this season.

Most important:  if your child shows any flu related symptoms, then please do not send your child to school. If children become ill at school, we have made an isolation room and your child will be sent back to home at the earliest. If your child has some chronic illness then please consult your doctor before sending him/her to school. Nepal government has also scheduled to provide vaccine to age group 12 to 17 from Kartik 28. We kindly request you to explore more about this vaccination programme.

Requirements: We understand most of your children have grown up a lot. Their existing uniforms may no longer fit.  Therefore, we will accept striped dress or tracksuits for the coming two weeks. Thereafter the school uniform policy will be strictly applicable. The temperature at school is lower than the Kathmandu Valley mostly in the morning and the evening so warm clothes (School sweater or fleece jacket) are essential. Hostellers are also requested to bring one addition blanket.

A proper haircut (for boys) is expected. A water bottle is compulsory. Hostellers can bring a small sized torch light. Hand sanitizer is optional as we make it available wherever required but students are encouraged to bring their own. Small sized tissue paper and additional masks are expected. Additional food from home and money are not allowed in school.

Evaluation Period

We have completed the first phase and second phase of student evaluation.  Now we are at the third evaluation phase where classes 1 to 6 have 15 marks for continuous assessment and 7 to 10 have 10 marks for continuous assessment and 10 marks for the cycle test. All these grades will be accumulated in the final result. Students must obtain the required pass grade to be promoted to the higher grade.


Latest News

Upcoming Events

  1. Joint School Social Studies Workshop (RBS)

    May 29
  2. Class 11 Final Exams and Class 12 NEB Exams begins

    May 30
  3. Joint School Drawing and Painting Workshop (KUHS)

    June 2