Message from Academic Director

Dear KUHS Parents,

First, I want to wish you a wonderful, peaceful and, most importantly, healthy Dashain Holiday.  May this time of celebration bring your families together in safe and careful ways and bring the joy of the season to all of you.  Our spirits rise as the monsoon rains finally draw to a close and the holidays draw near. 

It also looks like the long journey to finally return to school in person is coming to a close.  Elsewhere in this newsletter is specific information about opening dates and plans.  Let me just emphasize that one of our major goals, as we reopen, is to do to so in a carefully planned way so that we can reduce the risk of COVID.  Over the next few weekswith the help of staff at the Dhulikhel Hospital, we will design protocols that are based on what we now know both about the spread of COVID and the extent of vaccination within our community.  If you have not been vaccinated, I encourage you to do so as quickly as possible both for your own health, the health of your children, and the health of our school community.   

This last year has been impossibly hard for you as parents and for your children.  Online learning is never an alternative to in-person learning, but my congratulations to the KUHS teachers for all the creativity and energy they have poured into engaging your children, and to you, as parents, for all your support both for your children and our teachers.  This last year and a half have only been sustainable because we have respected each other and worked closely as a community.  Our collective efforts have meant that our children/students have adjusted, developed new skills, and grown academically. My thanks to all of you. 

We look forward with excitement to the coming months and all being together again.


Barbara Butterworth

Academic Director

Reopening Schedule for In-person Teaching/Learning

School will continue the online classes (virtual mode) of Teaching/Learning till Tihar break. The in-person classes for all the grades will begin from Kartik 22nd, 2078 (8th November 2022).  However the student who have been admitted in the Academic Year 2077 and 2078 (presents grade one, two, six and seven) will have a special school day as per the schedule given below.

Grade 1 and 2    : Kartik4 and 5

Grade 6                : Kartik 8 and 9

Grade 7                : Kartik 11 and 12

Details about bus routes and contact person will be sent later.

Result Day

Result of the 2nd Continuous Assessment  and Half Yearly exam will be published on Kartik 12th, 2078 (October 29th, 2021). Results will be available through School Apps.

Dashain Greetings 2078

On the auspicious occasion of Bijaya Dashami, we would like to wish you Good Health, Happiness, and Prosperity! As a reminder Dashain vacation begins from 23rd Ashoj, 2078 (October 9th, 2021) and online classes resume from Kartik 2nd, 2078 (October 19th, 2021).

Winter Uniform

It gets colder in Dhulikhel mainly in morning and evening from November.  You are requested to manage winter uniform namely woolen sweater, cap, muffler, fleece and warm inner clothes. You are kindly requested to contact Kewal’s Uniform, Newroad, 014259121. The school has strict policy not to allow any students in out dresses.

Fee Payment

Parents are requested to deposit the monthly school fee up to Ashoj at the earliest. As you have been informed earlier Rs. 21,000/- has to be deposited as second installment for the month of Shrawan, Bhadra and Ashoj. If there is any old due remaining please clear it as earliest as possible.  

KUHS Family

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Upcoming Events

  1. Joint School Social Studies Workshop (RBS)

    May 29
  2. Class 11 Final Exams and Class 12 NEB Exams begins

    May 30
  3. Joint School Drawing and Painting Workshop (KUHS)

    June 2