Let’s wear masks, let’s save each other’s lives

This is to remind you that class 7 (BOTH OLD AND NEW) has in person classes on this Thursday (Kartik 11, Friday, Kartik 12). Bus schedule has been given below. If your child has any health issue, please do not send school. Casual clothes is allowed (Uniform is not compulsory). Hostellers should bring Toiletries (Toothbrush, small towel, hair brush only). Home dress with one warm (Sweater/Jacket), Sleeper and one small torch light also required.

For further details, please contact:

Class VII

  1. Arati Khadka [ 9841388361]
  2. Amira Ghale [9860685817]

Hostel contact number:

  1. Amira Ghale (9860685817)
  2. Apeksha Shrestha (9860089797)

Wearing proper mask all the time while in the school is compulsory.

Thank you


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