Chaitra 19, 2078

Dear Parents / Guardian,

We are pleased to inform you that Nepal Government, Department of Health, is making available a vaccination against Typhoid for children ages 15 months to 15 years. The local health post will be providing the vaccination on 29th Chaitra 2078 (this is also our Result Day) here at School. We have also consulted the vaccine specialists at Dhulikhel Hospital and they have encouraged us to move forward.

For doing this the school needs the consent of the parent, you can give your consent using any one of the following ways:

1. Submit your consent using the link sent in the School app, school’s website, and Viber group.


2. Download the consent letter, print it, fill it and send it along with your child or email to school at [email protected]  (Consent Letter PDF available in Download section of school app)


3. Write down your consent in Parents Remark section of students’ diary duly signed by you mentioning your relation with the student.

We kindly request you to give your consent by this coming Monday, Chaitra 21th, 2078. Your consent is required to plan the number of vaccine the health post must bring to the school.

Thank you



  1. Student will not be vaccinated without parents’ timely consent.
  2. Please use only one medium to give your consent.

Please click on appropriate link to:

  1. Submit your consent using Google Form (your valid gmail account is required)
  2. Download Consent Letter