Activities in Kathmandu University High School

According to Jonathan Wells, “Today is the opportunity to create the future you desire”. Similarly, the future of the students may be shaped by the hours spent before and after school by them. Today’s world seeks dynamic manpower with dynamic skills which is provided by life skill and extracurricular activities. Therefore, they can be used to enhance these attributes. Likewise,they can be in the form of sports, clubs, debate, drama, student council, social events and other after school activities.

Similarly, Kathmandu university high school is one of the institutes whose conviction is to teach students beyond the text book and the extracurricular, life skill activities conducted are the firm evidence. For instance, Duke of Edinburgh International Award, Student Quality Circle, Scout, Model United Nations and other after school activities are the powerful entities which are candid for the strong implementation.

Introduction to life skill and extracurricular activities conducted:

Duke of Edinburgh’s International award: The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a youth awards program founded in the United Kingdom in 1956 by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. It is very much successful such that it has expanded in 144 nations. It is very powerful entity which helps in enhancement of leadership, life skill, social service and physical fitness. More than 80 students from KUHS are involved in the program recently and more than 200 students have completed the award. This program is targeted for grade 9 and A-level students.

Student Quality Circle: Student Quality Circle is one of the trending program in Nepal since 2004 A.D. It is run officially by Quest Nepal and interestingly KUHS is the first school in Nepal to initiate this program. It fosters the leadership, self-discipline, research skill, critical thinking and problem solving skills in young students. This program is targeted to grade 8 students in KUHS.

Model United Nations: It is another important program in KUHS which helps to shape the attributes like public speaking, diplomacy and research. It makes the students a global citizen.

Scout: Scout supports young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development with a strong focus on the outdoors and survival skills. It was formed by Robert Baden Powell in 1907 A.D. Students from grade 6 and 7 are involved in this program in KUHS.

Since KUHS is making effort in life skill and co-curricular activities. As per the goal, a child is exposed to 40 different life skill and co-curricular activities through grade 1 to 10 in KUHS. The activities i.e. drama, music and dance, sports, art, literature, public speaking, project making are offered as the part of curriculum to enhance the experience in learning. Likewise, students are exposed to paper recycling, cooking, stitching, craft, eco-club, blog making, social research activities, practical math, mental games and others.

Finally, KUHS is one of the best institutions in the education sector of Nepal. We believe in the moto, “learning beyond the textbook”, and we provide the variation of life skill and co-curricular knowledge to make our students both intelligent and dynamic.