The Primary School consists of five grades (I – V) with one single class in each grade. There are 30 students in each class and the total number on roll is 150. Two systems are adopted for teaching in the Primary School. Grade One and Two have grade teaching methods: one teacher teaches most of the subjects. Grade Three to Five has subject teaching methods with specialist teachers for each subject.

Subjects offered to Primary Students

  1. English
  2. Nepali
  3. Mathematics
  4. Science
  5. Social Studies
  6. Computing
  7. Arts & Craft
  8. Music
  9. Dance
  10. Physical Education (Games & Sports)



English teaching not only includes the text book but also has a variety of English Language supports like creative story writing, poems, paragraph writing, book reviews, dramas and frequent competitions in handwriting, spelling, and debate.

Nepali is given equal importance to English and its teaching method is similar to that of English. We teach our students to respect and value Nepali Language and Literature.

Social Studies in Primary is focused on developing social etiquette, respect for culture, religious tolerance, a sense of community, the history of Nepal and neighboring countries, including its present condition and future prospects. Field visits and study of geography are also included in the course.


In the Science teaching in the Primary school, students are allowed to explore the natural environment around the school and record their findings. Frequent field visits according to the demands of the lesson are very common. They do receive information from their teacher, text book and reference books from the library.  Emphasis is also given to learning how to think, developing skills of observation, experimentation, group work and projects preparation.

Mathematics in the Primary School is presented with great importance and care. Mathematics in our school focuses on creative mental math, estimating, analyzing, systematic problem solving and adequate practice of real life situations. Students also learn to represent the data in different graphical forms.

Computing instruction starts in grade 1. The teaching in the Primary School focuses on developing the basic skills of using the computer, including the use of the internet and skills of developing any project using multimedia.


Art is an important subject that is an essential part of our Primary Curriculum. Landscape drawing, memory drawing, painting, collage, craft work out of paper and papier mâché are taught to develop the skills observation, imagination, assimilation and creativity of the student. Regular competitions are organized to encourage the arts.

Music is also an integral part of our curriculum. Students learn to sing and enjoy singing. Varieties of songs are taught to develop their knowledge of pitch, voice quality and timing. Frequent competitions are organized to encourage music.

Dance in the Primary School is also an integral part of the curriculum. Mainly dancing steps, timing, body control, and expression are taught. Nepali ethnic, cultural and folk dances are taught to our students so that they come to know more about Nepal and its culture. Frequent competitions are organized to encourage dance.

Physical Education helps an individual to be active and fit both physically and mentally. So games and sports are included in our routine so that students learn the sports skill, as well as rules, a sense of sportsmanship and discipline. Regular competitions are also organized house wise and interschool.