+2 Programs in Science Stream at KUHS

Affiliated to Nepal Examination Board (NEB)

KUHS has been imparting the best available +2 teaching along with all-round educational opportunity to students. The School in affiliation with the National Examination Board (NEB), offers an excellent program in science. We ensure that we practice the best teaching methodologies for outstanding results. The dedicated and experienced faculties deliver theory classes along with practical demonstrations.  We had our first intake of high quality students in 2075.

KUHS (+2 Science) Admission Requirements

Eligibility: Students seeking admission at KUHS are required to pose educational profile: Secondary Education Examination (SEE) or equivalent degree with minimum 

  • Grade ‘B’ for Science (B+ in Science and Mathematics and C in Nepali, English, and Social Science)

Admission Procedure

Entrance Test: Students must appear the entrance test scheduled by KUHS. The entrance test comprises objective questions from the following subjects:

  • English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

Interview: Successful candidates from the entrance test have to attend the interview along with their parents/guardians.

Final Result

The final result of the candidates for admission is published on the basis of weighted average of the Entrance Test, Interview, and SEE (equivalent) score.

Course Composition

Grade XI

Grade XII

Compulsory Subject

  1. English – I
  2. Physics – I
  3. Chemistry – I
  4. Mathematics – I 

Optional Subject

  1. Biology – I
  2. Computer Science – I

Compulsory Subject

  1. English – II
  2. Nepali
  3. Physics – II
  4. Chemistry – II 

Optional Subject

  1. Biology – II
  2. Mathematics – II OR Computer Science – II

Fee Structure of Class 11, Academic Year 2075


Registration Fee (Rs.)

Annual Fee (Rs.)

Monthly Fee  (Rs.)

Total fee for Year 11 (Rs.)

Year 11 (Students from Kavre)





Year 11 (Students from Kathmandu / Bhaktapur)





Year 11 Hostellers





Monthly fee covers tuition fee, lab fees, transportation, lunch, snacks, stationeries (Copy, pencil, eraser and sharpener), ID Card, one day Field visit.

Important School Rules

Kathmandu University High School is a constituent part of Kathmandu University, an independent non-profit, non government public institution. It has always aimed to create a new generation of leaders and professional women and men with a caring and responsible attitude to the community and to the future of Nepal. Students must follow the code of conduct of the school. Students, at first are counseled for their minor misconduct. In case of repeated offence, parents/guardians are notified. Irresponsible and ill-mannered behaviour will be considered as an act of indiscipline. Serious offences may lead to student’s expulsion.

Serious Offences

  • Being in possession of/indulging in tobacco, alcohol or drug abuse.
  • Boys and girls must maintain the best of behaviour and school decorum.
  • Leaving the school campus or hostel without permission.
  • Cheating in an exam or test.
  • Any sort of physical or verbal abuse is strictly forbidden.
  • Causing damage to school property. Student must compensate all the expenses for any loss or damage. Serious offence may lead to expulsion from school.
  • Students are prohibited to eat outside other than school canteen Failure to comply may take the matter to the School Senior Management team for necessary action.
  • +2 and A Level students are not allowed to come to school in their motorbikes.
  • Students are discouraged to bring valuables, cash or jewellery items. They will be solely responsible for theft or loss.

Note: +2 and A Level students are prohibited to bring cell phones to the school. Borders must deposit their phones in the office and collect them during weekends. They are not allowed to carry it to their classrooms.

General information about the hostels:

  • Students spend only 5 nights in the hostels. They come to school on Sunday/Monday and go home on Friday evening.
  • If any holiday falls on Sunday/Monday, students come to school on the following day.
  • If any holiday falls on Friday, students will be sent home on Thursday evening. If the hostel is unable to send students on Friday due to unavoidable circumstances, then students will come home on Saturday morning.
  • Students are not allowed to bring any edible items in the hostel or the school.
  • Electronic gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, camera, are strictly prohibited.
  • If you want your child to be at home for any function during weekdays, an application has to be sent in advance. Transportation is not available in these cases.
  • If your child is sick at home and needs to continue taking medicine at school, clear instructions must be sent in writing.
  • All your child’s belongings must be stitched clearly with the given alphabet and number once they are admitted.
  • We request parents not to make any call to your child during weekdays. If necessary the hostel warden will contact you.
  • Only in emergency you may contact in hostel.

Hostel Number

A Level & 10+2 Girls   :           9869061947

A Level & 10+2 Boys   :           011-490705 / 985116809

KUHS +2 Book List, Class XI, 2075

Please click on the link to view the detailed BOOK LIST for Grade XI, 2075

KUHS +2 Book List, Class XII, 2076

Please click on the link to view the detailed BOOK LIST for Grade XII, 2076

Please contact KUHS A-Level / 10+2: 011-490638 for more information.


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