+2 Programme in Science Stream

Affiliated to National Examination Board (NEB)

The +2 curriculum is the pathway to further education for post SEE (or equivalent level) students. The curriculum offers an in-depth study of different subjects to meet the objectives of high school education. Its structure–credit hour, curriculum, examinations –makes the programmes one of the most relevant educational qualifications in Nepal.

The programme is constantly upgraded by different subject committees in CDC by keeping in mind the ever-changing international education standards. This helps in maintaining the quality of +2 education. Due to this, the demand of our national curriculum is high.

The two year +2 curriculum is an academically challenging period. These young scholars need to be motivated and should focus upon set goals. This results in student satisfaction and continuing interest in education.

Providing modern, in depth, pragmatic and effective education, +2 curriculum is the best path to both general and specialized higher education. The +2 programme leads to a sound academic foundation for further studies in medical science, engineering, management, humanities and education . Also the +2 qualification is widely recognized by international colleges and universities for undergraduate admissions. For more information, please visit www.neb.gov.np.

KUHS: A Destination for young +2 Scholars

Kathmandu University High School is a constituent part of Kathmandu University, an independent non-profit, non government public institution. It has always aimed to create a new generation of leaders and professional women and men with a caring and responsible attitude to the community and to the future of Nepal. Nestled in the panoramic location at Chaukot, Kavre, the school has started to offer science program in +2 to the bright and competent students of Nepal. It has been imparting the best available +2 teaching along with all-round educational opportunity to students.

The school in affiliation with the National Examination Board (NEB) offers an excellent program in science. We ensure that we practice the best teaching methodologies for outstanding results. The dedicated and experienced faculties deliver theory classes along with practical demonstrations. Our admission queries, the results, intake of highly meritorious students  has made us realize that we are one of the best institutions in the town. Now, we have become the talk of the town at academics.

The students are required to complete their daily homework, class assignments, special projects, individual or group presentations and adequate self study. Our dedicated faculties carefully monitor the academic performance and progress of each individual student. We counsel each and every student. No students are left behind.

Our Expectation

To succeed a noble cause and mission, any disciplined community observes rules and regulations. KUHS has its dreams visions, ethos and unique cultures to foster the feeling of brotherhood, patriotism and progress of humanity. To meet the mission and vision of KUHS it is a humble duty of everyone to follow, obey and observe the rules and regulations to maintain a successful, prosperous and happy life now and in the future. At our school, we create a respectful and caring learning environment.

We have the following expectation for all our students and staff:

  • We respect each other regardless of age, background , or culture,
  • We respect school property, the property of others, and our own property,
  • We come to class prepared and on time,
  • In class, we listen carefully and are actively involved in learning,
  • We follow the rules of the school and classroom,
  • We treat others as we would like to be treated,
  • Like a family, we help and support each other, we listen with understanding,
  • We are honest in our words and actions.

KUHS has produced clever and smart students of national values and always looks forward to shape the bright future of the students who are well recognized by national and international colleges and Universities abroad. Since the medium of instruction is English the students are strictly advised to speak English during both formal and informal occasions.


Kathmandu University High School is a constituent part of Kathmandu University, an independent non-profit, non government public institution. It has always aimed to create a new generation of leaders and professional women and men with a caring and responsible attitude to the community and to the future of Nepal. Students must follow the code of conduct of the school. Students, at first are students are counseled for their minor misconduct. In case of repeated offence, parents/guardians are notified. Irresponsible and ill-mannered behaviour will be considered as an act of indiscipline. Serious offences may lead to student’s expulsion.


  • Being in possession of indulging in tobacco, alcohol or drug abuse.
  • Boys and girls must maintain the best of behaviour and school decorum.
  • Leaving the school campus or hostel without permission.
  • Cheating in an exam or test.
  • Any sort of physical or verbal abuse is strictly forbidden.
  • Causing damage to school property. Student must compensate all the expenses for any loss or damage. Serious offence may lead to expulsion from school.
  • Students are prohibited to eat outside other than school canteen Failure to comply may take the matter to the School Senior Management team for necessary action.
  • Students are not allowed to come to school in their motorbikes.
  • Students are discouraged to bring valuables, cash or jewellery items. They will be solely responsible for theft or loss.

General school rules for Girls and Boys

  • Student should immediately enter the class when the lesson begins in the morning.
  • Any students willing to take half leave is strictly prohibited.
  • Any assignments given by the concerned teachers should be submitted on time. Your assignments are graded. If you fail to do so, your marks will be deducted and the parents are called for counselling.
  • Students are not allowed to move and wander outside the compound of the school premise.
  • Any kind of junk food, chocolates and unhygienic food items are not allowed to bring and eat them inside the class.
  • Students are strictly prohibited to take any food from the dining hall, eat outside and inside the class.
  • If the students are caught to be using drugs, cigarettes and any kind of intoxicants, the students will be expelled by calling their parents.
  • Students should attend the internal exams; collect the report cards in the presence of the parents.
  • Any kind of electronic gadgets like pen drive, CDs, DVDs and so on are not allowed to use.
  • Any students found to be stealing money or goods will be immediately expelled from the school.
  • School closures will be according to the school calendar and any new updates will be pre-informed.
  • Students can share their problems with the concerned Tutor or Coordinator and parents can make an inquiry into the progress of their children asking them.
  • Riding bikes and scooter are strictly prohibited
  • Students should maintain silence in the classroom and actively participate in meaningful learning and learning activities
  • Students should show courtesy and respect to the teachers and non-teaching staffs.
  • Any kind of student union and involvement in the political parties are strictly prohibited.
  • Any kind of bullying among the friends is not allowed. They should be cooperative and friendly to each other.
  • Library rules about borrowing the books, reading the reference books and time will be as per the instructions given in library code of conduct.

School Uniform Rules

  • Students should be in proper dress with proper shoes.
  • Day wise dress should be maintained.
  • No students are not allowed to drag their necktie and let the shirts come out of the pants.
  • Any high neck wears should be properly covered during the winter.
  • If you want to put on muffler and cap in winter, it should be of black colour.

Rules about the Hair Style (Boys)

  • Students are not allowed to come with long hair.
  • They should properly trim and make it short.
  • No bracelet, earring and chains are permitted.

Rules about the Hair style (Girls)

  • Girls should properly and neatly arrange the hair.
  • No ostentatious hair style and clips are allowed to put on.
  • Use of any cosmetics items like lipsticks is strictly prohibited.
  • They cannot make their nails longer.


The class starts at 7:30 am and ends at 2:30 pm. In between there will be a lunch break, snacks break and short break.


Students have a regular schedule of 80 minutes in a week to play different games. They mostly play basketball, football, table tennis, cricket, badminton and several other indoor games and outdoor games. There are 4 clubs where students take leadership and involve into various activities.


Students visit to different sites for research according to the subject. They observe, collect data, analyze it and come to conclusions and further share it with their friends. They are much more involved into experiential learning. Once in a year they move out for educational tours inside and outside the country. We organize students’ exchange program with schools of Australia.


There will be a regular bus for the students of Kavre, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur and Kathmandu. Given below is the schedule of the bus from different stops.

RATNAPARK BUS                                                                        KALANKI BUS

Place Time   Place Time
Purano Bus Park 6:10 AM Kalanki 6.00 AM
Bijuli Bazar 6:15 AM Mahalaxmisthan, Satdobato 6:10 AM
Baneshwor (In front Of Standard Chartered Bank) 6:15 AM Satdobato Bus stop 6:10 AM
Jadibuti (near Petrol Pump Bridge) 6:20 AM Jadibuti (near Petrol Pump Bridge) 6:20 AM
Kaushlatar 6:25 AM Kaushlatar 6:25 AM
Gathaghar 6:25 AM Gathaghar 6:25 AM
Thimi 6:30 AM Thimi 6:30 AM
Sallaghari, Tinkune 6:30 AM Sallaghari, Tinkune 6:30 AM
Chundevi 6:35 AM Chundevi 6:35 AM
Suryabinayak 6:40 AM Suryabinayak 6:40 AM
Jagati Bus Park 6:45 AM Jagati Bus Park 6:45 AM
Jorpati 6:50 AM Jorpati 6:50 AM
Palanse 6:55 AM Palanse 6:55 AM
KUHS 7:20 AM KUHS 7:20 AM

NOTE: Similarly, there are buses from Panauti, Banepa and Dhulikhel to pick up and drop the students into the respective bus stops.


We organize preparation classes for medical and engineering entrance examinations to facilitate students to strengthen themselves for the exams. 


Class 11 (2080)

Class 12 (2080)





Admission Fee


Annual Fee


Monthly Fee ( Food, Transportation, Tuition)- Kavre Valley Students


Monthly Fee ( Food, Transportation, Tuition )- Kavre Valley Students


Monthly Fee ( Food, Transportation, Tuition)- Bhaktapur , Kathmandu Students


Monthly Fee ( Food, Transportation, Tuition)- Bhaktapur , Kathmandu Students



  • Admission Fee covers registration, annual, internal exams, Dhulikhel Hospital Insurance, Library and ID card fees.
  • The monthly fee covers tuition fee, lab fees, transportation, lunch, snacks, field visits.
  • No other additional bills are sent.
  • Stationeries and dress fees have to be owned by the student himself or herself.
  • The 5 month food and transportation fee is waived in 24 months.

Important Telephone Numbers

  • +2 Office                                             : 011-490638
  • Account                                              : 011-490395
  • School Administration                      : 011-490561
  • Hotline                                                : 9841122222

NOTE: If you have any queries, please contact the above given numbers or email us at [email protected].