At Kathmandu University High School, we create a respectful and caring learning environment. We have the following expectation for all our students and staff:

Code of Conduct:

  • We respect each other regardless of age, background, or culture.
  • We respect school property, the property of others, and our own property.
  • We come to class prepared and on time.
  • In class, we listen carefully and are actively involved in learning.
  • We follow the rules of the school and classroom.
  • We treat others as we would like to be treated.
  • Like a family, we help and support each other, we listen with understanding.
  • We are honest in our words and actions.

Specific School Rules: To support these expectations, we have some specific school rules: 

Safety on the school grounds:

  • Observe the walk only areas by walking only.
  • The athletic ground is the area for running and playing.
  • Courtyard during recess times: quite games can be played in this area, but be sure not to disturb classes that are running.
  • Students may not leave the school compound without permission.
  • Students may not bring their own sports equipment. The School will provide balls and other equipments for recess times.
  • Stones are for walking on not for playing with.

In the classroom:

  • Stand and greet the teacher at the beginning of the lesson with a polite “Namaskar”.
  • Students must raise their hands and take turns in answering questions using inside voices. They should not shout out answers.
  • Students should stand when addressing a teacher, expect during informal discussions.
  • If a teacher or guests enters the classroom after class has started, students do not need to stop their work and rise. Doing this disrupts the lesson.
  • Copybooks and textbooks should be covered and properly cared for.
  • Homework diaries should be maintained at all times.
  • Students do their won work. They do not copy from other students or from other resources (Internet etc.). Students do not plagiarize.
  • Students must not mark or damage school property. Students are responsible for any repair costs.
  • If the subject teacher is not present in class 5 minutes after the bell has rung, the class prefect should report the absence to the principal or coordinator.
  • At the end of class, students should not prepare to leave until given permission by the teacher.

School Dress Code:

  • Students will come to school dressed neatly, well groomed and wearing the appropriate school dress.
  • Girls should wear their hair in pony tails or braids if prepared at home.
  • Boys should keep their hair neatly trimmed.
  • Girls in Grade VI and up can choose to wear either skirts or pants.
  • Students can wear their track suits only on their Sports days.

General Rule:

  • Students may not bring money, cell phones, valuable items such as jewelry, or junk food to school.
  • Chewing gum is prohibited.
  • Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages or using drugs are prohibited and may result in dismissal from school.
  • Collecting funds for special activities requires the approval of the principal.
  • Hugging, kissing and other personal displays of affection are prohibited.
  • Students may use the Internet while at school for research and computer class assignments. There is no use of Social Media.
  • Students may use the school telephone only with the permission of the principal or coordinator.
  • English is the language of instruction except in Nepali, Art, Sports, Dance, Music and Chinese class.
  • During the school day, students are expected to speak English when in Class, in the dining room and in the walk only areas of the school.