Important School Rules:

 Basic rules: 1. Be friendly, 2. Be sensible

  1. Go to classroom promptly when the bell rings
  2. Greet teachers and visitors: “NAMASKAR”. Look them in the eye.
  3. Entering room: May I come in please?
  4. Stand in class when addressing teacher (unless in free discussion).
  5. Pens should be filled, pencils sharpened, books distributed etc. before lesson begins.
  6. English to be spoken in classroom always. Speak in English to teachers at all other times (expect in Nepali, Sports, Art, Music, Dancing).
  7. Dress must be clean and tidy. Collars ironed, ties straight, dust brushed off trousers. No large hair bands, pendant earrings or bracelet/necklaces other than genuine religious items.
  8. Uniform as per the list given. White canvas shoes on games days. Girls wear while games socks, standard blue socks to knees, skirts knee length.


  1.  No money in school.
  2. No eatables or chewable at any time, anywhere absolutely no chewing gum ever.
  3. No valuable electronic or annoying toys. No walkman or radios.


  1.  If teacher delayed or absent, captain comes to Senior Teacher or Principal. Students sit quietly in class.
  2. Copybooks and textbooks to be covered and properly cared for.
  3. Homework must always be completed on time.
  4. Homework diaries – all homeworks to be tidily entered, plus all topics and activities, parents to sign.
  5. Being in possession of/using/being in contact with any of these: tobacco, alcoholic drinks, illegal drugs.
  6. Stealing or being in possession of something that you know belongs to somebody else. (This includes taking a student’s exercise book, copy the contents).
  7. Any sort of sexual contact including hugging and holding hands.
  8. Leaving the school campus or hostel (north of the Adhikari hostel or south of the canteen) without permission.
  9. Cheating in an exam or test.
  10. Any sort of physical or verbal bullying or causing unfair suffering to another person.
  11. Causing any sort of damage to school property.


  1.  Telling off. They must apologize.
  2. Deprival of playtime, either standing outside office door or writing out lines in classroom.
  3. Nasty jobs e.g. litter gathering, dish washing etc.
  4. Offence recorded in personal file in office and in diary.
  5. Parents meeting.
  6. Suspension or expulsion for serious offences.

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    April 26
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    April 29
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    May 3