Kathmandu University High School


Date: 2075/11/28

Dear Parents,

Congratulations to all the students who have been selected for admission 2076 BS.

We welcome all new students and parents to the school community, and we would like to take this opportunity to pass on some important information.

  1. The school has worked out an orientation schedule for new parents. We request you to attend along with your son or daughter at the specified time and place.
  2. The school will communicate its rules and regulations at the time of the orientation programme on 9th Baishak, 2076 B.S.
  3. The new Academic Session 2076 BS commences from 10th Baishak, 2076 B.S. Hostel children (Boarders) must come fully prepared to stay in the hostel on the orientation day itself. (They must have all the requirements enlisted in the checklist provided by the school.)
  4. Orientation schedule

Parents and students: 9th Baishak 2076 at 2:00 pm

Venue: Kathmandu University High School, Chaukot, Kavre.

Once again, welcome to KUHS.

Tejendra P. Rajbhandari


Information regarding Admission

  1. Successful candidate are requested to enroll their child from Wednesday to Friday (Falgun 29-Chaitra 1, 2075)
  2. You are requested to deposit for class one Rs. 66,325/- for dayscholars and Rs.85,575/- for hostellers and for class six Rs. 66,925/- for dayscholar and Rs. 86,575/- for Hosteller (which includes monthly fee of Baishakh) in NCC Bank Account No. 100621 ‘C’ Newroad branch or 0111101 Banepa branch or Nepal Investment Bank Account No. 00505030250122 Banepa Branch and submit the Voucher to the school office.
  3. School has authorized Kewal’s Uniform, Newroad for uniform[Contact No. 01- 4259121]
  4. All stationeries and books are provided to students by school on the opening day of the school.
  5. If you have any queries feel free to contact us. 011-490561 (During school hours) and Hotline-9860897750 (after school hours and in Public holidays/Saturdays).
  6. Please download the Student’s Profile form, fill it and submit it on the day of admission. Download StudentProfileForm

Day-Scholars’ Uniform for the Academic year 2076 B.S.

Requirement for Day Scholars (for summer). All items to be clearly marked with child’s registration number.

General information about the hostel:

  1. Students spend only 4 nights in the hostels. They come to school on Monday and go home on Friday evening.
  2. If any holiday falls on Monday, children come to school on the following day.
  3. If any holiday falls on Friday children will be sent home on Thursday evening. If the hostel is unable to send children on Friday due to unavoidable circumstances, then children will come home on Saturday morning.
  4. Students are not allowed to bring any edibles to the hostel or the school (An exception is that some children like to bring sweets on their birthday).
  5. Electrical items mobile phones, IPod, tablets, camera, laptop are strictly prohibited.
  6. If you want your child home for any function during weekdays, an application has to be sent in advance. Transportation is not available in these cases.
  7. If your child is sick at home and needs to continue taking medicine at school, clear instructions must be sent in writing.
  8. All your child’s belongings must be stitched clearly with the given alphabet and the number before they come to us.
  9. We request parents not to make any call to your child during weekdays. If necessary the hostel warden will contact you.
  10. Only in emergency you may contact in hostel.

Hostel Contact Number:

Junior Girls, Grade 1 – 5 = 9860098803 (Roma Pariyaar)

Junior Boys, Grade 1 – 7 = 9841918278 (Sushmita Bhusal)

Senior Girls, Grade 6 – 10 = 011-490955

Senior Boys, Grade 8 – 10 = 011-490638

Junior Hostellers’ Uniform for the Academic year of 2076

Requirement for Junior Hostellers, Class I to V (for summer). All items to clearly marked with child’s registration number.

Senior Hostellers’ Uniform for the Academic year 2076 B.S.

Requirement for Senior Hosterllers, Class VI-X (for summer). All items to be clearly marked with child’s registration number.


  • If any items needed then we will send you notice.
  • Every 3 months all hostellers need to change their old undergarments and socks.

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