7th July, 2023

Newsletter Issue No: 1                                                                                

First Term Exam and Result Day

The school has reformed the exam modality from this year. The First Terminal exam has begun since yesterday 2080/03/21 and will continue until Friday 2080/03/29. The school schedule remains the same during exam period. The result of this exam and 1st Continuous Assessment will be on Saturday, 2080/04/13 between 9 am to 12 noon.

Summer Break

A week-long summer break begins from 2080/04/01 to 2080/04/05. The school resumes from 2080/04/08 Monday. The administration department also remains close during summer break. However senior wings (Classes 11 and 12) will have regular classes.

Fee Payment

We are at the end of fiscal year 2080/2081. The financial closing processes are going on. You are kindly requested to deposit the fee amount upto Ashad 2080 at the earliest. If there is a due amount for more than 3 months, please contact to Account Department (011-490395) at the earliest.

Parents’ Teachers’ Meeting (PTM)

This is to notify you that we have scheduled Parents’ Teachers’ Meeting (PTM) of Class 1 to 3 from 11th July to 13th July 2023. The objective of the meeting is to discuss your ward’s academic, social and other extracurricular performances. The grade teachers, subject teachers will share about the curriculum and the students learning and the school administration will discuss on the policy issues. The programme starts at sharp 2 pm every day. If you want to take your child along with you after the programme, please fill the Check-Out List of the students which will be with the respective class teacher.

Please find the respective class PTM and the programme schedule:

Programme Schedule of PTM

  • Class 1: PTM on Tuesday, 11th July, 2023
  • Class 2: PTM on Wednesday, 12th July, 2023
  • Class 3: PTM on Thursday, 13th July, 2023

Day Plan

  • 2:00 pm: Meeting starts with Musical Performance
  • 2.15: Welcome Note: Programme Coordinator
  • 2.20: Vice Principal Remarks
  • 2.25-3.25: Grade Teacher, Subject Teacher Sharing
  • 3.25-3.35: Question Answer Session
  • 3.35-3.45: Principal Remarks
  • 3.45: Snacks
  • 4.00 pm: Departure

Our Experiences on Spelling Bee Competition

Spelling Bee Contest was held on 29th June, 2023 in our school. I really felt blessed to be the part of Spelling Bee competition. I was happy to be in the list of 10 students out of 34 participants, and finally being selected for the final round. I found my teachers and my school supportive to let me participate in the competition. I got motivated throughout as my parents supported me as well. In the competition, the most important thing was to listen properly. Overall, the program went great!

Shreeshiwa Wenju, 1

Spelling Bee is a contest where students are prepared to spell the words. It was held on 27th June, 2023 inside our classroom. The students were divided into 4 groups, in which the Green House secured first position, Blue House second position and Yellow House third position respectively. Since, the Red House failed to secure any position, I got a lot of knowledge, learning new vocabularies. All the students who participated in the contest were given certificates. It was indeed a worth remembering event in my life.

Aahana Pradhan and Grishma Raj Dahal, 2

Fun to be in an Art Competition

On 10th May, there was Art Competition entitled “My Family and My Lovely Pet”. I drew my family’s drawing and rabbit. I stood first and was really happy to get certificates. It was indeed a great fun. I wish this kind of competition again and again.

Prashna Bista, 3

On 10th May, we had art competition in my school. I took part in the competition. The topic was ‘A Future village or City’. I always love art and is fond of drawing and painting. I chose to draw a future village. I drew tree houses, hospital etc. I was extremely delighted to secure the first position. It was really so much fun making it and receiving certificates.

Vedha Khadka, 4

 Singing is so much cool

First of all, I was so excited that singing competition was going to be held because I loved music. I wanted to be participating in music competition, but I was not sure if I would be selected or not because I knew that my singing was not that good. It was full of fun and equally challenging in the singing competition. I started practicing at home and at school when I had free time. I gave my hundred percent in practice. But, still I was not sure if I would be selected for the competition. However, I got selected on that day. The result encouraged me more. It taught me the lesson that practice makes the man perfect. Continuous practice finally led me to win the first position. I felt that my hard work had been finally paid off. I still remember how my family members kept on encouraging me. I believe that we should not be overconfident that we will win but we should try our best and keep practicing.

Adhrit Bhochhibhoya and Requel Jung Karki, 5

 Guru Purnima: Celebrating the teacher’s effort and dedication

Guru Purnima falls on 3rd of July. In this day, we thank our teachers for the knowledge they disseminate to us, their dedication and humbleness and their nurturing. Teachers are the second parents while the school is our second home. We should cultivate our habit of respecting the teachers not this day only but each day.

Students give gifts such as pens, cards, etc for their teachers but the most important gift is the respect we have to demonstrate. We should always listen to our teachers and act what they say. We need to be humble, polite and focused towards out future.

In our school too Class 12 celebrated the Teachers Day in the Dance Hall and we celebrated informally reaching to teachers and thank them for what they have been doing. I am very much indebted to all the teaching, non-teaching staff and my family members for what they have been doing to nurture me and shape me into a good human being.

Gareema Pradhan, 6

 United to stand, divided we fall

At first, I met with my team, and we went to an assembly hall where the Principal instructed us about what we were going to do on that day. Rukmani Ma’am also gave a demo of what we were going to do in the workshop. Our tool was the paint Spatula. I went back to the art lab where we were given a canvas pencil, eraser and a sharpener. Then, my team sketched out an idea as soon as we got the paints, brushes and painting knife.

We started drawing idea and knifing away on the canvas. There were volunteers helping us out if we needed things like paint etc. My team was working pretty well and had an enjoyable experience. I’m hoping that I will be able to experience it again. At the end, we were given certificates. My team found the workshop fantastic and also exceeded my expectations as well. United we stand, divided we fall.

Stotra Adhikari, 7

Spelling Contest: My admiring event

Joint School Spelling Contest held on 20th June was a big day for me. As soon as we reached the venue, we were overwhelmed by the organizer’s hospitality. As the programme started, the first and second round went very well with only one incorrect spelling so far. Since the third round was a mess, we were a bit disappointed. Despite the fact that we knew we had to do our best for the fourth round, and accordingly we did.We performed well in the fifth and sixth round that led us to win the contest. We learnt the lesson that we should do our best even if we don’t win. And, winning is not always about being first among all or getting prizes but it’s also about the hard work you have done to get there.

Lastly, we would like to thank our English teacher Sajana Ma’am and Rinchen Ma’am for giving us this golden opportunity. Overall, the management of this program was flawless and praiseworthy. We look forward to participate in such wonderful programmes in the days ahead.

Avni Bhattarai, 7

Tea Hike: My unforgettable memory

Tea hike is a hike where we go to the forest and make tea and serve it to every member of patrol and scout masters. We, class 7, went to tea hike as a scout activity in Panauti forest after having early lunch. As we reached to the Panauti, we all gathered in one place of Panauti, where scout volunteers were there to volunteer us. And, there was also one special scout guest of Panauti to help us to know many places of Panauti and its history about them. When we were hiking through Panauti, we also went to the oldest temple of Panauti which is only used to open after every 12 years. Then, we went to Panauti forest. As soon as we reached the forest, each patrol chose their place to make tea. It was too difficult to burn fire and prepare tea in forest. When all the patrols finished preparing their tea and snacks, the winner patrol was announced and provided a badge. At last, all the scout members got B.P Peak badge in the tea hike. In this way, we found our tea hike experiences special and worth remembering.

Grace Lama, 7

 Scouting Event: Investiture Ceremony

We had ‘Investiture Ceremony’ on 28th June, Wednesday. We had many scout guests who visited our school. We welcomed them and showed them paintings and structure of tower that we made. At first, we, students of grade 7, sang a Nepali song as a welcome song. We had few speeches prepared by some students. They shared about scout experiences. The students of class 6 also had been the part of Nepal scout on that day. They also got scarf of Nepal scout. Likewise, we also received the certificate as we were promoted to B.P Peak badge. We also had nice time hearing what our scout masters said. They shared their experiences in scout when they were like us. Overall, our program was successful. Everyone enjoyed it. We also felt that we were one step ahead of our life since we were motivated by what the teachers said. On the whole, we found art as an expression of ideas creatively.

Shrabya Karki, 7

Debate – The Battle of Opinion

It was on 29th June 2023, we were preparing for the event entitled ‘Should we be vegetarian?’ We were altogether 8 pairs speaking for/against the motion. The hosts, teachers, organizers and the participants were all anticipating a great and successful event which was about to happen. Amid the programe, all of us were already starting to feel a lot of pressure two weeks before the event took place. We were told about the protocol and rules beforehand, and the big day arrived. After lunch, we were summoned to the auditorium, the competition began, we listened to the previous contestants and waiting eagerly our turn. Everything was going smooth and perfect until our turn arrived. We weren’t so nervous because the whole audience was familiar, and we shared our arguments. We were asked as well as answered questions. The event went by pretty smooth and felt excited till the end of the programme. We are still waiting for the results as we write this, and we truly wish that the deserving contestants will get their victory!! Indeed, the event was fantastic!

Kritika Lohani and Anwesha Wagle, 8

Writing is so much fun

Competitions feel like a dreadful scare of expectations. Everyone around us is consumed inside the world of a pen and piece of paper while trying to explore ideas within yourself. Essay writing competitions feel like a test of literature in form of an opportunity.

Essay writing contest was held on the 24 May, 2023. A competition where all individuals get to participate is a rare occasion; this opportunity was such that could be acquired by every and appreciated by many. It wasn’t confined to a certain group of people and gave a sense of freedom when it comes to creativity and independence. To be completely real, it was a mixture of nervousness and unmanaged time; I felt a sense of timid and was anxious of the outcomes. Amongst all the confusion, anxiousness and faith, I feel quite grateful to have taken part and tried my level best. I’m hoping to continue joining and acquiring such opportunities in the near future. Thank you for a desire that costs the future. Regardless of the result, we all are contended and would like to thank our school for giving us this opportunity to write about how the role of youths can play a pivotal role in ending corruption. In the nutshell, it really made our day to write and put our thoughts into it.

Resta Karki and Pari Palanchoke, 9

My Reflections: Joint School Quiz Contest at St. Mary’s School

On the 28th of June 2023, I had the pleasure of attending the JS Quiz Contest held at St. Mary’s School. This program aimed to uplift the knowledge of the students within academics as well as beyond academics, while also promoting healthy relationships among the joint schools. Along with my teammates, Samyam and Adwit, we were really excited and eager to participate and learn new things.

The quiz program was structured into 5 rounds: the general round, mixed bag round, buzzer round, audiovisual round, and rapid-fire round. In each round, we tried our best, sharing ideas, debating answers, and supporting each other throughout the program. Although we were unable to secure the top position, we had the opportunity to learn many new and intriguing facts, which helped sharpen our general knowledge.

Additionally, we had the chance to meet students from different joint schools and make new friends. The experience was enriching and left us feeling motivated to continue learning new things.

Lochan Baral, 10

2nd Professional Development Day

It was a warm Sunday morning on the 18th June, 2023 all the teachers of our school were looking forward to attend the motivational speech of Mr. Rabin Katwal, the corporate motivational speaker. The session was 4 hours long, however it turned out to be one of the most stimulating and overwhelmingly influential speech beyond our expectation. Mr. Katwal spoke about ways to lead a happy and successful personal as well as excellent professional life. He also motivated us to develop our passion and work on it. The session was extremely encouraging to the teachers to happily embrace our teaching career in such a wonderful school like ours. I hope to get such sessions again in near future so that motivation goes on and on.

Arati Khadka, Teacher of Science

One Day Joint School Teachers’ Workshop

Learning is a never-ending process. One Day Joint School Teachers’ workshop was held in St. Xavier’s School, Jwalakhel on 11th June 2023 with around 20 teachers from KUHS along with the teachers from partner schools. The session primarily focused on curriculum, specification grid and teaching learning practices. Such a workshop really benefitted us to enhance our skills and capacity development in the context where the teacher’s role as change-agent. The competent resource persons from different subjects were there to deliver trainings to empower them to deal with pedagogical, textual and curriculum issues.

In a nutshell, we found the workshop highly effective to have clarity in designing tests as well. We were really excited throughout and motivated being exposed to professional development sessions to keep updating for professional growth to gain experiences as well as examine teaching and learning systemically.

Rupak Khatri, HOD, Science and Technology